21 Happy as Larry Memories | 21 in Feb

Today I turn 21. I am travelling to Brighton to spend the day with my mum, brother and boyfriend. I’m very excited to make memories, take photos and, more importantly, eat cake! Since I’ve made this month on my blog all about me, I thought I’d remind myself of 21 of my favourite memories.

16593541_1862710747297118_511652720_o1. Meeting McFly (my first and only true loves) is a day I will never forget. Maybe because I was so tragically fangirl (1. bought them all presents 2. made them all truffles 3. cried 4. cried some more 5. quietly asked them for a hug) but it will always be one of the best days ever.

2. “Wave jumping” – as we like to call it – with my mum on holiday last year is always a memory that makes happy nostalgia fill my body. On a dreamily warm day on my mum’s 50th birthday last year we found ourselves in Fuerteventura, jumping waves, fully clothed, completely thrilled by the experience. We’re cheap dates.

3. Going to Wimbledon for the first time last year is an event I could write a whole book about. Having wanted to go for all of for ever I couldn’t believe it when we were walking around the grounds AT WIMBLEDON EEK. It more than lived up to expectations.

3. A night that made me super happy and I remember vividly because of this was going to see Justin Timberlake on his 20/20 Experience tour. He was of course incredible and my brother fangirled HARD.

4. Crossing the line after my first big race – the Great South Run in 2015 – was surreal, but nice (Hugh Grant captures every good experience so eloquently).

5. Aaron surprising me with a day of tandem cycling around New Forrest last summer was a fabulous day. Completely silly but completely brilliant.

6. Seeing the play, The End of Longing, with my brother in London last year was a A+ day. I loved wondering around London all day long and, you know, SEEING MATTHEW PERRY IN PHYSICAL HUMAN FORM.

7. Going to see the film Me Before You with my mum is, of course, a top 21 memory. Exiting the cinema chatting about book/film comparisons, how perfectly they captured the characters and relationships and expressing our adoration of the beautiful story. It was a stand up Friday evening.

16683212_1862710660630460_1730937616_n.jpg8. A summer’s day that turned out to be more summery than the morning told us it would be with Aaron, his sister and Bud the dog. With a picnic, games, a splash in the sea and an ice cream, it couldn’t really get much better.

9. Our Christmas meal at university last year is a awesome memory. Food, dancing and singing. Perfect.

10. Bringing in summer by watching the sunset with Lissa (only a few months until we can reenact this!). Side note: she has a brilliant blog you must check out where she talks all things lifestyle: Lissa Tissa Two Shoes.

11. A picnic on one of the warmest days I’ve experienced in Cardiff in Bute Park.

12. Going to Brighton with my mum as summer drew to a close is one of the best memories of last summer and my whole existence. We soaked up the sun, ate food and browsed like we would never browse again.

13. A night of dancing to ridiculous music with Courtney and Sarah in Sarah’s living room. The most ridiculous night but the most fun I’ve ever had.

14. Seeing McFly on their 10th Anniversary tour. With only a few nights dedicated to their Birthday, the atmosphere was very special and completely different to any of their other gigs I have been to. I’ll never forget how excited I was for them to come on stage.

15. I have a memory of practising the 1500m at secondary school and I remember my nerves being really worth it when I won (not that I would win the official ones- was a solid runner up) and felt really fine and confident. It was when I realised I wanted running to be less daunting for me and far more fun.

16. Despite having a horrific memory of messing up a piano performance at secondary school, I do remember writing my own goofy medley of songs and performing it for some showcase-y kind of night. I really enjoy thinking about it because I remember it being far more of a success than it, quite honestly, should have been.

17. Finding the perfect tapas on holiday with my mum and brother last summer was the best. We had duck, fried cheese and enough chorizo to make me happy for one night.

img_0646 18. (A bit of cheating is required here as it involves a plethora of memories.) I will always treasure memories of my brother and I being silly and excitable (memories that are born even now we are older) like playing games in the pool on holiday or waking up early and playing Star Wars Battlefront (and playing it for the whole Christmas period). I loved our summers full of playing too much Mario Kart and Super Mario as well as cooking and baking (those pancakes on my Birthday Eve last year!) and being hyper and weird. Pretty certain we’ll never grow out of that.

19. Singing The Fairytale of New York at the top of my lungs in The Auld Dubliner last November with Aaron.

20. Turning up a day early for seeing Dirty Dancing with Rachel for her birthday present from me. I was about to be outraged because people were accusing us of sitting in their seats. Predictable, but we were. We were a whole 24 hours early and it was all my own doing. OOPS. (We got to see the show on that day luckily.)

21. Feeling nothing but good throughout last year’s Great South Run created the most exhilarating feeling. It was a “nothing can stop me” hour and a half (1:25:18 to be exact). Not only was it an awesome day because of the cause I was running for (St. George’s Hospital Charity) but it really felt like I’d hit some kind of fitness goal because I felt so GOOD.

I guess there’s no denying I’m in my twenties now! Happy birthday tooooooo (*breath*) meeeee!

A thought: Selfishly we forget how lucky we are. I hadn’t intended to finish writing this post with a sigh and a “Ah, I’ve got it really good” reminder. Whilst being thankful for all of these memories, many more and the people who helped me achieve them, I am now going to leave a few links to charities that have a personal meaning for me on some level:

~ Kat ~

P.S. 5/21


6 thoughts on “21 Happy as Larry Memories | 21 in Feb

  1. lissatissatwoshoes says:

    Happy 21st birthday to you, my little ray of crazy sunshine!
    Reading this blogpost gave me that lovely warm, fuzzy nostalgia feeling and then I got to our memory and it put the biggest smile on my face. I can’t wait for more sunset chasing this year!
    Love you lots and lots and lots xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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