Capable | 21 in Feb

It’s so important to think about exercise without aesthetic goals at the forefront of it all (although with a healthy perspective, aesthetic goals are, of course, a-okay!). For example exercise helps me to feel confident, healthy and motivated. Last month I realised another awesome quality exercise brings to my life, and I have since realised it more and more. Realistically I must showcase it every day. Capability. *Stands up straight and clears throat.* I am capable. Although exercise does make me feel capable in terms of what exercises I can do or hope to do one day do, I mean capable in a different kind of way.

16344045_1856076474627212_2138395054_n.jpgLast month I travelled to Cardiff (for university) with a big suitcase, a huge shopper bag that had far too much in it and a rucksack on my back full to the brim with all of my electrical devices. I then walked from the station to my house in the pouring rain, having to face a lot of stairs from one side of the station to the other (I won’t do that again though because it was kind of terrifying). I got into my room and felt really super happy that I can do tasks like that – even if it’s a struggle – knowing I don’t need anyone else.(Although my housemate and I were talking about how frustrating it is when you’re visibly struggling, people notice and offer no help.) They are no where near as strong as other parts of me but my arms have become a lot stronger and it is pretty awesome that I can manage more than I could have a couple of years ago.

Exercise makes stuff “doable.” It does so in so many ways but I am really appreciating the fact that I am able to successfully do tasks like bringing the amount of stuff needed for a term time in one go. I like feeling strong and getting stronger, and this isn’t a concept I used to value. I’m a very independent person and, naturally, knowing I am capable in doing such tasks enhances this. It’s becoming “cooler” to be a woman who is strong, and although any body shape/strength should be cool, it’s nice to see feminism doing its thing and supporting girls who exercise for strength- on whatever scale that is. I’m really proud that a byproduct of this is feeling able.

So when I bought far too much food on my food shop last week and I faced the typical grey-skied Cardiff with arms that already were making me cringe from arm day that morning, I woman-ed up and felt like a superhero (a sweaty and far from graceful superhero). And yesterday when I had to run for a train a few platforms away in three minutes with a heavy piece of hang luggage, I just… did it.

Exercise is pretty sick.

~ Kat ~

P.S. 9/21


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