Bute Park | The Last Five Months | 21 in Feb

This week I took just another nostalgic walk to one of the places that makes me want to stay in Cardiff for ever: Bute Park. After being cooped up all day doing coursework, Aaron and I went for a late afternoon walk on a day that decided to tease us, pretending to be spring. It was a Wednesday afternoon and Bute is buzzing at this time because of university sports and the usual walkers and runners. It’s maybe the feeling I’ll miss the most about Cardiff.

IMG_0410.JPGIMG_0416.JPGIMG_0418.JPGIMG_0421.JPGIMG_0425.JPGIMG_0426.JPGimg_0428With naked winter trees dotted for as far as you can see and old fallen leaves beneath your feet, Bute Park is the definition of “really something” during any season. I’m trying to walk more “for no reason” and Bute Park makes it so easy. Although, as lovely as it was, it did, of course, get me excited for the warmer days.

My three favourite memories from Bute Park:

  • Running my first thirteen mile run in first year
  • Having a picnic with three of my university friends
  • My first Cardiff ParkRun

Three Bute Park goals to complete before I leave university:

  • Get my ParkRun personal best
  • Have a few more picnics there when the weather is warmer
  • Get a Bute Park sunset picture

Cardiff has become my second home and being so close to such an amazing and huge park has been amazing. It was my place to go when I was homesick in first year and now my place to go to soak up Cardiff in general. It’s my substitute for not having the beach like I do at home! You can find my last post about Wales here: Roath Park | The Last Six Months.

~ Kat ~

P.S. 12/21


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