Taste | Review | 21 in Feb

For Christmas my brother bought me just about the best present for a foodie like me: Taste: The Infographic Book of Food by Laura Rowe. Falling in love with its front cover immediately (it’s oh so Instagram), I began to read that it’s a book that “explores the complex and colourful world of food through a collection of thought-provoking, beautifully crafted graphics.” The perfect present for me. And, I’m pretty sure, the winner of the (imaginary) category, “Best Coffee Table Book.”

img_0521IMG_0530.JPGIMG_0526.JPGIMG_0532.JPGTaste aims to outline the history of food, how it is used in cooking and creating as well as giving us plenty of facts to wow our guests at our dinner parties (I’m a student… my dinner parties include eating pasta with a knife on my bed on the phone to my mum). As you can understand just a little bit from the pictures above, this books is stunning. It’s colourful and bright- just like the history and usage of so much of the world’s food. Every single page makes me happy. And hungry.

I read a page or two of this book every day and consult it when I have a lot of time in a day to cook just that little bit “better.” It’s the dictionary for cooking. From veg and meat to honey and ice cream, Taste is full to the brim with brilliance. I am off to Paris in just over a week and am delighted to have found a recipe for macarons. In a couple of months I am off to Rome and have read up all about what gelato means. Its awesome tips and tricks even span to a favourite of me and my mum’s: Victoria Sponge. It suggests changing the buttercream to white chocolate and topping with fresh blackberries. I hope to make this with my mum as soon as possible! Taste is a 10/10 point of reference in a lot of ways.

A few of my favourite facts from the book:

  • Tomatoes came about in the 16th century
  • Blending avocado and raw cacao powder makes a chocolate mousse (since they are two of my favourite things, I must try this!)
  • In Italy it is tradition to have a feast of seven fishes on Christmas Eve (YUM!)

From naming an abundance of different type of pastas (enough to make any student want to broaden their pasta horizons) to showing the structure to a Cornish pasty, Taste is my pride and joy in my Coffee Table Book Collection*. It proves courgette’s versatility and tells us a tulip-shaped glass is best for whiskey (not a tumbler!). Ultimately, Taste is the best book for someone who adores food in all of its glory like I do.

~ Kat ~

P.S. 13/21

*I don’t really have a Coffee Table Book Collection


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