The Gift that Keeps Giving | 21 in Feb

I’m a 21 year old that clings to nostalgia like 5 year old me clung to my blanky on aeroplanes. I love memories. And it’s exactly why what I’m about to talk about is the sweetest creation. Although I say this about most things I talk about on the blog, everybody should invest in this tiny book of memories. Simple but brilliant, One Line a Day is a 5 year memory book where you write about your day in some way, shape or form. I think you can write whatever you see fit. My mum says she writes down essentially everything about her whole day whereas I mostly write down one or two things that happened.

img_0584I got given this as a present for my birthday and therefore began this on my 21st which I think is a pretty cool place to start. Although any day is a worthy one to start filling in this little blue book. There are so many quirky books that instruct you to write in them in all kinds of ways but I can’t imagine another that would make me as excited as this one. It’s the perfect gift to someone or yourself. And it can definitely be used it super creative ways. I’ve been told a husband has secretly been writing it every single day for he and his wife as a surprise. (*Tries not to weep.*) Similarly, parents could document their children in a bit of a different way. It can be as creative or Plain Jane as you like.

We can become so busy that we don’t remember to remember. Memories are made for the present and for the future. This book encourages the old school pen and paper, write down your day and then pop your head on your pillow thing. I get quite giddishly excited to fill it in every evening and it does throw me back to writing my diaries when I was younger.

Of course I’ve only been filling this book in for a couple of weeks but here are a few of my favourite memories so far:

  • Tapas with mum, Jordan and Aaron
  • Girl’s night out at uni
  • Pub trip with Sarah

I’ll finish the post with a tip (that most are not silly enough to need): Each page has “20..” written five times down the page. That’s for filling in the year. Duh.

~ Kat ~

P.S. 17/21


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