The Little Ways to get your Heart Pumping | 21 in Feb

Doing something is often much better than doing nothing. And with exercise “something” might actually just be doing a lot of goodness. There are so many little – whether that means they are easy and/or not time consuming – ways we can step up our exercise game. Here are a few little ways I get my heart pumping on a regular basis.


ONE) The piece of exercise I have been doing every single day without fail is sit ups. 100 a day. Having a strong core makes running all the more pleasing in a million different ways. I might spread out the sit ups throughout the day, do it as soon as I wake up or do it at night. I might do it as breaks between doing work. It doesn’t take long and feels awesome afterwards.

TWO) It’s so easy to underestimate how good walking is for you. At university my favourite way to explore Cardiff is to get my coat on (always necessary in Wales) and have a ponder. I walk more when I’m at home and that’s because my friends are further away and work is a 40 minute walk away.  I’ve been really enjoying walking to and from work this week. Yesterday was such a glorious afternoon that every now and then I would fling my head back like a child and just stare at the pretty sky. I felt very mindful doing this. Ultimately, walk to places that make sense to walk to.

THREE) Zumba/fun classes. Zumba is an intense class and yet it’s the most fun ever. It counts as a little way to get your heart pumping as the constant giggling and enjoyment makes it feel like it’s not exercise. Even when you’re also feeling how it really is some hardcore exercise you’re getting in. Grab your friend (my Zumba pal is my mum) and find a class that makes exercise beat any preconception you have about working out.

FOUR) Throwing in a cheeky ski sit is one of my favourite things. Mostly because I find it so challenging. I spend my life thinking my legs are so super duper strong but I’m very much put it my place when I finish a ski sit sweating and shaking before I slide down the wall with a painful but cheerful smile. A few times a week I’ll remember to ski sit and in order for it to not take time out of what I’m doing , I throw in another activity at the same time.  You might just find flicking through your phone, reading a book or replying to emails and texts makes it easier to do an extra thirty seconds.

FIVE) It’s often thought that short runs aren’t helpful in comparison to long runs. (Spoiler: this is not true.) Recently I have felt like I’ve had too much to do to also do longer runs. So, at the moment, alongside other pieces of exercise I do, I run one long run a week and then a few one mile runs. A one mile run can be as challenging or relaxing as you like- but they most certainly do you some good.

What little pieces of exercise do you do to get your heart pumping?

~ Kat ~

P.S. 18/21


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