Dear Feminism | 21 in Feb

Dear Feminism,

I’ve not been shy of thinking of you this month. I’ve talked about you too. Not being your back- but others have. That’s something I wanted to write to you about, actually. Some claim to stand for what you stand for, but they’re adding weight to your name. And I’m afraid you’ll snap.

“And that’s the part of feminism I hate,” my friend said to me after he told me a story about a woman saying horror story, despicable things about “all men.” I stuck up for you, of course. “But that’s not feminism,” I tried to simply say, but I fear I exclaimed. I know you don’t stand for men-hating and flippant blame-throwing, but why don’t my peers not see this?

February also opened my eyes to not only the lack of understanding but the lack of wanting to understand. The uninspired, bored glares back at me when I gush about you. The ugly comfort my peers feel in their refusal to act in your name. How can they not adore and admire you when you’re one of the only things that makes sense? I constantly fear my passion is confused for aggression, and yet you teach me aggression is passion when used correctly. And in your important name.

A year or so ago a woman told me the move for feminism is selfish. “Ridiculous,” she laughed. She turned her nose up at equal pay and said those dreaded and haunting words: Women Belong at Home with the Baby. I’ve realised something quite recently that I concluded through thinking about you. It’s all about choice, isn’t it? Everything we breathe, see, hear and touch; it’s about choice. To have the choice to be a woman who strives for an empowering career; the choice to be a man to have equal rights in regards to his children after a divorce. You’d think you and your message would have come along way since way back when. But I’m worried it’s getting nowhere. It’s like you’re lodged in between two heavy forces and you can’t get out, now matter how much a lot of us are trying.

Feminism, you stand so tall when others try to knock you down. You shout loudly while some try to silence you. You’re a force of nature. I’ve worried about you a lot this month, but I believe we’ll get there. I’ll keep on spreading your message. Hopefully we’ll break through the fear and anger before you fall.

~ Kat ~

P.S. 19/21   ❤


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