Bloganisation | 21 in Feb

If you didn’t understand – which I have a feeling you might not have – I merged “blog” and “organisation” together to come up with this original title. You’re welcome. I also should advise you not to read ahead because I am a fraud. I am about to tell you how I managed to write 21 posts this month despite having my birthday and lots of university; I am about to tell you I am to be admired for my organisation skills. And, yet, the photo below is an alternative photo from a previous post because I wasn’t organised enough to get snapping a few days ago. So either suspend your disbelief or cross off and go and read something that is actually useful and legitimate.


ONE) Ideas! I have been constantly writing down ideas this month and it’s something I will carry on with. I bought myself a funky new diary (which also helped me with having a schedule- whether it was loose or fixed) and have dedicated it to the blog. It’s just a 2017 diary where I’ll plonk some ideas down with a title and photo ideas. It makes me feel Hermione levels of organised.

TWO)  Form of “procrastination!” While I’ve been writing essays and completing university work, instead of going to my phone to procrastinate when I gave myself a break, I would head straight to WordPress and write even if I didn’t have an idea in mind. In this way, I was creating content without even realising it. Absolute trooper.

THREE) (By this point, I’m hoping you’ve forgotten about the very unrelated picture featured in this post.) Photographs! Since I had ideas floating about in my diary, I was constantly taking opportunities to take pictures of anything I knew I was to blog about eventually. Even if it took a few days to get a picture I was happy with, it meant I was – generally – quite organised. *Bows.*

I was starting to feel a bit nostalgic about this super fun month of blogging and then I realised I’m off to Paris today and so I will be bombarding you with far too many posts in a few days anyway!

Au Revoir!

~ Kat ~

P.S. 20/21


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