Je t’aime, la tour Eiffel | Dear Paris

Last week I went to Paris to celebrate my 21st with Aaron (a stupidly lovely present- thank you again AG!). It was no surprise to see the beautiful bronze pin that looked like it had been dropped perfectly on the map of Paris. And yet I was overwhelmed to see the Eiffel Tower. For the first time, and every time afterwards. It IS breathtaking. I wanted to make sure our trip to Paris wasn’t fuelled by tourism and yet I will never apologise for falling head over heels with that tower the whole world knows about.

17175871_1875476139353912_1057042337_oOur hotel was a mile away from the Eiffel Tower and we’d soon see it whenever we set off in the mornings. The tower is self-assured, but it’s shy too. It shouts and it whispers. The buzz around it is like nothing else and it’s hard to mutter, “Gah, tourism!” when its beauty radiates from miles around. Instead I would stare: Ooo la la! Since it’s a monument that oozes history (it was unpopular for a long time too!) and captivates the world, I thought I’d write a post as a dedication to it. The most famous tourist point in France? Of course! But it looked upon some of my favourite memories from the trip- I’ll let you in on them now.

1. The awe and wonder I felt upon seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time was something else. Aaron and I had arrived and headed straight out after finding our hotel. We were given instructions about how to find the beautiful tower but, of course, Aaron and I were none the wiser. It was pouring with rain and it stopped just before we pretty much stumbled across the ultimate Parisian icon. I was starstruck. It felt like meeting a famous person I’d wanted to meet since I was seven. I was speechless. And then I wasn’t speechless. I was all, “it’s SO BEAUTIFUL”/”how can it be THAT pretty?!”/”I am in love”… for a long time. Like, four days. Until the rest of my life.

2. On the second night Aaron and I headed out in the direction of the Eiffel Tower, wanting to be close to it while we ate our dinner. I stupidly – I wanted to be a fashionista in Paris, okay – wore my black heels that 9/10 times I cannot walk in. As I stumbled like a baby giraffe finding its feet we laughed at my decision and I whined about the pain until we saw the Eiffel Tower and, once again, the tower gave us another reminder that she always watching us. (In a cute way, not a creepy way.)

3. On the last night Aaron had booked us a boat tour. We sat on the top of the boat with blankets for an hour while we were taught a few history lessons and admired Paris in the darkness. It was brilliant. Before getting on the boat, the tower did its on the hour dance and Aaron and I just watched. And took it in. It’s more than magical to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle and it’s then when you know she knows too: this is her party.

Merci Tour Eiffel, you were everything I dreamed of and more ❤

~ Kat ~


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