Hand-in-Hand | International Women’s Day

There is this unjustified misconception that us women and girls aren’t on our own sides. That women are envious of other women’s success. That our congratulations are hidden curse words. That we all talk about each other with a smirk and disapproval; without a second thought about feminism. And I hate this belief. On International Women’s Day, like every other day, all of these myths are proven wrong.

me.jpgWith strong girls and women all around me, I wouldn’t give these misconceptions a second thought. But in a society like ours – that is far fairer than many – these beliefs are ones that can bother me the most. Today I’ve seen a lot of my friends take to social media to celebrate today. To celebrate us. And many of these posts channelled thoughts alike to the idea that, together, us women kick butt. *Insert sassy ‘you know I’m right’ emoji.* It’s hard to protest social media when it’s used to promote unity and strength.

Today I went to see La La Land for the second time and I believe it’s one of the best films to go and see if you want to see strong women, and females that support and encourage their friends. Mia’s group of friends are amazing- only wishing well for Mia and her career. Her friends are in the same industry as her and yet they would never be jealous of her success and they only want her to succeed- as seen later on in the film where they support one of Mia’s endeavours. This awesome friendship group channels everything true and brilliant about us girls.

So many – women and men alike – believe women are catty, and entirely unable to get along properly. Yet, so many of my own experiences (whether I’ve been part of them or witnessed them) have taught me differently:

  • I watch so many of my female friends work incredibly hard at university and their hard work is paid off. I feel only pride when I get an excited message to tell me that they got a first. My blood doesn’t boil that I recently received a 2:1 in a piece of work.
  • After completing the Great South Run in the name of St. George’s Hospital last year, I got amazing messages from my female friends, and a lot last year to tell me they were proud. In turn, so many of my best friends were generous enough to donate. That doesn’t sound like they secretly hate me to me.
  • I can’t think of a single female friend that is an insincere complimenter- is that a thing?! So many of my friends don’t take 0.1 of a second to let myself or a friend know that we look nice that day or that we are good at x, y or z.

Today is a day for celebrating us, because for so long and still so often, we aren’t celebrated. Much like the plethora of injustices men face. There’s a lot to be done with regards to equality, and today reminds us of that. Today I am also especially thankful for how far we have come. I live a life I wouldn’t have a hundred years ago, and that’s pretty awesome.

Happy International Women’s Day! We’re holding on in the name of feminism, hand-in-hand, but we need more of the world to join us. ❤

~ Kat ~


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