A Run With a View | Paris | Dear Paris

I believe one of the best ways to explore places is to run through them. I made it my goal last year to run in every country I visit. After successfully doing so in Lanzarote and Malta, I failed when it came to Dublin (I plan on revisiting in the future and will correct this mistake!). For this reason, I was determined to slip on my trainers and run through my new favourite city. So, on the last morning, Aaron and I followed through with my goal. It was so amazing, I wish we woke up this way every day of our visit.

pretttyyy.jpgThe Eiffel Tower was a mile away from our hotel and so we headed off to make it our turn around point before we would run back. We only ran for two miles because of time but whenever I go away next, I’ll know to schedule in a few longer runs since we found it such a refreshing way to start a busy day. We loved passing through our local streets, dotted with beautiful bright and pastel-coloured buildings and typical French, red cafes and restaurants. I was already feeling happily nostalgic about our trip and it felt like the perfect way to say goodbye to our little area of Paris.

Although it can be difficult to muster up the motivation – and I don’t think everyone should feel the need to keep up with exercise on holiday -, I personally like to incorporate exercise into my trips away. Ideally I like to complete a couple of HIIT sessions and a couple of runs on top of all of the awesome walking I do when abroad. As well as wanting to keep my body challenged by frequent exercise, I think throwing in a workout makes for an even better sleep- which I find is super helpful when faced with jam-packed days.

My tips for finding the motivation to exercise when away (whether that’s within your country or outside of it) and easy ways to follow through with exercise plans are as follows:

  • YouTube “home HIIT workout” and find a space in your accommodation to wake up to a 20 minute workout or even complete one before you get ready for the evening.
  • If you’re self-catered, run to wherever you’ll go for breakfast!
  • Consider how kickbutt you’ll feel post workout.
  • Keep hydrated at all hours and you’re likely to feel energetic enough to tackle a workout.
  • Consider exercise as part of your holiday- not as an inconvenience.

I can’t think of many places that would beat a run that includes saying “good morning” to the Eiffel Tower and I’m so thankful for Past Kat and Aaron heading out on our last day. It’s one of my favourite memories of seeing the Eiffel Tower and everything that is special about Paris.

~ Kat ~

P.S. You’ve Got a Friend in Disney


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