You’ve Got a Friend in Disney | Dear Paris

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Paris to celebrate my 21st birthday; then I became even more of a princess when I was surprised by Aaron with a trip to Disneyland. I visited Disney with my family when I was younger, and my expression must have matched my infant excitement upon seeing the Disney entrance after jumping off of the metro. It really is the most magical place on earth. And Disney really is the most wonderful thing. I’ll tell you for why.

backkk castleme n mickeybright goofIMG_0779.JPGwandpenI have definitely become more of a Disney fan as I have grown up. Peter Pan refuses to grow up but growing up does allow for a different perspective when admiring Disney- and it’s just as magical as the innocent and childish way we see Disney at eight years old. I was watching an interview with Alan Menken (writer of the music in The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and so much more) by Carrie Hope Fletcher and he explained it perfectly. He called Disney a “safe place”; a world of “imagination and depth and beauty”; its effect is felt everywhere.

To the Gastons of the real world, here’s why going to Disneyland was a dream come true for a 21 year old:

❤ For any mood anyone is in, there’s a film to complement or help.

❤ The music inspires and elevates.

❤ Our favourite childhood Disney films are, like Alan Menken described, our “safe place.”

❤ While we can criticise (understandably) some implications and decisions Disney can provide, it sends important messages too. Disney creates strong women; creates stories that don’t always focus on the importance of love but on careers, talents, happiness and friendships; showcases what legitimate power is.

❤ These films and stories and songs are the basis for the bringing together of alike minded people in one brilliant and magical park. It creates unity and hope.

For these reasons and many more, meeting a few of my favourite characters was enchanting and surreal. I actually don’t believe adults are inside the costumes (I found myself talking to them as if I were a five year old) because I was so delirious upon meeting them. I made it my goal to buy a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and decided on black and gold ones which made me feel like a Disney princess. I fangirled hard when each character mimed to me that they liked them. I loved absorbing the little sprinkles of happiness at any glance, picking out pieces of Disney music that flew through the parks and feeling childishly happy for the whole day. One of my favourite parts of the day was taking Aaron on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster which I have always claimed to be my favourite ride of all time because I loved it when I was younger.

Earlier on in the day Aaron and I were in the right place at the right time and managed to see Elsa perform Let it Go around the park. I am and I am not surprised to say I burst  into tears- like toddler, “I can’t handle this” tears. It was really something (both my outburst and the performance). After this we went on rides, tried a Mickey chocolate pretzel (so good!) before we found Woody, Mickey and Goofy to take pictures with and get them to sign my autograph book. We ended the day by watching a parade of all of the characters singing and dancing- I was super glad I could see Winnie because I’ve yet to meet him (my number one Disney fella).

I’d say sorry for the fangirl-fuelled post, inspiring a lack of coherency. But I’m not sorry.Having a day in the Magical Kingdom was beyond dreamy, but I’ll be back as soon as I can be since “There is more to see than can ever be seen” in one day. As this was supposed to be up yesterday (silly wifi) I’ll be bombarding you with the second to last post later on today!

~ Kat ~

P.S. Paris From my Favourite Points of View


4 thoughts on “You’ve Got a Friend in Disney | Dear Paris

  1. Tina Terry says:

    I am feeling a little guilty for not taking you to the big park in the states but we can still visit there sometime. Still love the memories of our trip to Paris especially you and Jordan queuing for autographs.
    My Monday watching modern day Cinderella was magical so agree with it being “our safe place”


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