21 Parisian Adventures | Dear Paris

At the point of writing, I am on the train back to university, missing the sights of Paris that greeted us on the metro a week or two ago. I had the best four days and I particularly liked how even the littlest of Parisian adventures made me feel like I really was in the beautiful capital city of France and not actually dreaming. Since it was a (stupidly generous) 21st present, I thought I would jot down 21 moments and memories that made my trip feel super authentic and memorable. I’ll treat this round up post as my final goodbye to Paris (about time!) (*sobs silently*).


  1. Eating snails
  2. Trying steak tartare
  3. Eating macaroons
  4. Going on a boat tour
  5. Eating countless baguettes
  6. Drinking wine
  7. Wearing stripes
  8. Travelling on the metro
  9. Walking through Paris
  10. Saying “merci” in as much of a French accent as I could muster
  11. Waking up to all of the French pastries every morning
  12. Looking out of the window to see wiry, beautiful balconies on white buildings
  13. Watching French buskers on the metro
  14. Having my first Desparado (on draught) in one of our favourite bars (with a silly and funny bartender who always made us laugh)
  15. Trying the popular French snack croque-monsieur
  16. Listening and admiring the French language every single day
  17. Having a man, for once, believing we are French and telling me (as explained when he realised we are lazy Brits with a 10 word French vocabulary between us) he loved the Minnie Mouse ears I was wearing (bringing tourism to the least touristy places!)
  18. Watching Let it Go perfomed in French
  19. Getting sparkled up like the Eiffel Tower to taste French cuisine every night.
  20. Watching night fall upon Paris
  21. Soaking in the atmosphere when night fell upon Paris.

Blogging about my adventures in Paris definitely softened the blow of coming home to coursework. Living through a laptop screen isn’t so bad sometimes. Exploring cities – their city-like and not so city-like parts – is my absolute favourite way to spend my time. Paris provided me with some incredible experiences, memories and photo opportunities. I had the best time, and I can’t wait to be exploring France in some way or another in the future. For now, Paris, au revoir!

~ Kat ~

P.S. A Run With a View | Paris


5 thoughts on “21 Parisian Adventures | Dear Paris

  1. Mackenzie says:

    AHHHH I love this, Kat. It sounds like an overall perfect experience. Paris is #1 on my travel list. And your list mirrors basically everything I’d want to do! For now I guess I will settle for living vicariously through your travels ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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