The “Things I Wish I Knew About Dublin” List

Since my trip to Dublin last year is rarely not on my mind, I thought I’d celebrate the wonderful city, and by extension, country on St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll definitely be finding the time this evening to having a wee Guinness (although it just doesn’t taste the same as having a pint of the black liquid in Ireland) and pretend I’m in the lovely and loud city. Here are a few things I wish I knew or considered properly before I visited Dublin last year!


I wish…

  • … I knew how easy everywhere is to get to. I would have felt far less anxious about where certain places are (the Guinness Storehouse and the hotel we were staying at) had I known how close many attractions are to the city centre and how accessible transport is to other places.
  • … I in turn knew (even though I had an inkling) how close by the quieter and far less urban parts of Ireland were to the hustle and bustle of the city. I so wish we spent a day exploring some of the greenery of Ireland.
  • … I was aware – as a local told us – that after 11pm, the prices of drinks at Temple Bar increase. Cheeky eh?!
  • … I planned a little more intensely knowing that so many famous attractions in Dublin are free!
  • … I thought about city prices a bit more- taking a little more cash would have been lovely.
  • … I researched the super authentic spots to eat in Dublin. On the last day we had a super Irish meal of stew and pancake chips. We adored it, and wished we sought out a more “Irish” pub or restaurant the night before. I know now Dublin has many a places to indulge in their awesome food.
  • … I had prepared myself for the nostalgia I’d feel post-Dublin when I drink a Guinness in Wales or England. It’s… *wipes tear*… just not the same.

Dublin will always be one of my favourite places and I dream of the day I get to go back to the city of quirky habits (amazingly talented performers on most corners and in many pubs and bars), jolly and helpful people and the best stout I will ever drink. I want to explore so much of Ireland but I’ll always be thankful for my awesome Dublin experience. Although – as shown above – cities always have their flaws, Dublin outshines most cities in the most humble way. If Dublin was anything to go by, the Irish are everything you hear they are: laid back and fun; welcoming and proud. Its culture is maybe my favourite I’ve experienced.

~ Kat ~


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