Start Running With Spring in Your Step

The UK is showing happy symptoms of spring time, urging us to step outside and get motivated. Last week I went on my first warm run of the year, and couldn’t stop thinking, “This is perfect.” When the UK is yellow, blue and green, it’s the best place to be. I thought since I had such an amazing run I’d explain why I think spring is the perfect time to pick up running or get back into it again after a winter of dark mornings, chilly air and damp days.

West WitteringsIn the months to come, there will be fewer unwanted showers, which does mean there are more opportunities for lovely, pretend-you’re-in-a-summery-music-video runs (without looking too red in the face). By extension, this allows for fewer opportunities to make an excuse as to why you shouldn’t go for a run. As well as this, it is less likely that rain will cut your run short so you can spend as long as you like soaking in a thirty minute run.

Of course spring in England isn’t flawless but, in general, we experience warmer weather. A lot of people I know hate running in the heat, so spring is a nice middle between wintery weather and summery heat. You’re likely to have a nice breeze egging you on when it gets a bit hot (the breeze was my number one fan last week). On top of this, we’ve all heard about those studies that link sunnier weather and better moods. These better moods will make us feel motivated and spring-like (a fresh start and all that), so take advantage of these and form new habits! For those who don’t like running in the summer, forming some kind of running schedule now might just encourage you to stick at it when it’s sticky outside.

Spring allows for longer and lighter evenings and this means that after work or education, it’s so easy to schedule in a run. Although I love running in the morning far more than I used to, running in late afternoon or evening is my absolute favourite. It just works with me. In a week or so, the clocks are going to spring forward, easily encouraging you to slip on your running leggings. Spring time is the start of me getting in runs at random and brilliant times.

Running in springtime, for me, inspires mindfulness and a really calm state of happiness. Being a lover of sun, these spring-like days have given me a lovely little insight into how I can take advantage of the pretty weather. Do you want to start or pick up running this spring? If all else fails, the pretty bubblegum blossom is enough to make you want to up your Instagram game, so stick on your running shoes and gain some followers!

~ Kat ~


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