Mother Knows Best | Three Lessons

Since it’s Mother’s Day and my mum is one in a million as a junior school assembly song taught me (my brother would insist in replacing “million” with “billion”- that’s how cool our mum is), I wanted to write a little something about her. I decided I would write about a few things my cool (cool as in, sings at the top of her voice as she cooks and rehearses Zumba routines in the evenings) mum has taught me.

me and mum

A lesson: My mum is the reason I adore baking and I think the reason I am somewhat good at it. The reason I find it fun rather than challenging is because of something my mum taught me: Use the measurements a recipe gives you! She taught me not to go around them and think, oooh but I don’t have quite that amount; I’ll change that up a bit. Equally and in contrast, my mum taught me to question and be cautious when making icing. Taste tests are important – and yummy – here.

A memory: One of my favourite memories regarding baking with my mum is a recent one- when we tackled the mammoth task of baking a Yule log, mince pies and Christmas cookies in a few hours. We had all of the Christmas tunes on (yes, including Michael Buble) and successfully completed making all of the above. I was a ball of stress over Christmas and the happiness baking brings is like no other- it was a complete cure.

A lesson: It is from my mum where I learnt the importance of walking. My brother and I would complain a lot as my mum would make us walk most places when we were younger. Looking back, I’m not convinced that I hated it after all. She taught me how healthy walking is- how good for you it is. Surprisingly, I don’t actually believe a lot of people realise how amazing it is for your body. She ultimately taught me that you really may as well walk to the places that are possible to walk to.

A memory: Last summer, my mum and I visited the Isle of Wight for the day. And we walked A LOT. If it wasn’t an obvious untruth, I’d attempt to convince you we walked around the whole of the Isle of Wight. All the same, we may as well have tried our hardest to. We didn’t have a particular goal in mind with our trip and our walking meant we stumbled across particular memories we made.

A lesson: Through reading Narnia and other books to my brother and I when we were younger, I developed my love of reading. She actively encouraged us to pick out books to read from a book shop or the library. From doing so, she planted and grew a book lover.

A memory (or two): I have to include my mum’s, brother’s and my love of The Faraway Tree by my mum’s childhood (and mine too!) favourite, Enid Blyton. We still reference the glorious book now. I also have to mention the beautiful book, Me Before You by Jojo Moyles which I was definitely influenced by my mum to read. And it instantly become one of my favourites for ever. To this day, I love discussing the beautiful story with my mum!

Happy Mother’s Day, mumma! ❤

~ Kat ~


4 thoughts on “Mother Knows Best | Three Lessons

  1. Mr Mill says:

    Yes, it’s a bitter/sweet day. Our mums are very precious. For Joe and Ella, this is a hard day, but we will visit her grave and lay tulips. Precious memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tina Terry says:

    Walking, cooking and reading has and still is great fun with you and Jordan. We both need to Jordan a few more lessons with cooking!
    The memory of capturing that “perfect” photo you have used will stay with me forever x


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