The World of Zumba

Yesterday morning I took part in a three hour Zumbathon to raise money for two charities. Yep, you heard me right: Zumbathon. Local instructors and their classes came together to Zumba for three hours- the teachers taught and the classes got to grips with routine. The thought of three hours of my favourite dancing has been one of the things powering through the last few weeks that consisted of assignments and it did not disappoint. I’ve never been a dancer but Zumba makes me feel how I imagine Tracy Turnblad feels when she wakes up to the sight of Baltimore. Being a passionate advocate for the unique and brilliant dance class, I thought I’d write about why I find it so fulfilling.

meeeWhenever I am home from university I will make sure I get at least one evening of Zumba in, if not two. My mum and I head down to a local hall for 6pm, ready to sweat in the happiest way possible. On my imaginary list I have compiled about Why It’s Not So Bad University Is Ending, Zumba is pretty high on the list. I am super excited to be at home, with a routine, where a couple of days a week end with Zumba. And why does this excite me so much?

  • I am a lover of cardio and this high impact (Zumba classes will vary in this way so do your research considering your joints, body and desires!) class makes me s-w-e-a-t in one of my favourite ways possible.
  • I am surrounded by others who are there for a bit of a workout and a bit of fun and that’s exactly how exercising should be a lot of the time.
  • Dancing is really fun and most of my life I awkwardly teenaged away from the notion. It’s easy to forget it’s good for you when it’s just. That. Fun.

You either go in ready to make mistakes, or you learn an important – in the funniest way ever – life lesson about how to make mistakes. Multiple times – and still to this day – I have been facing the class while I didn’t realise we had to turn around in a routine. Luckily, the atmosphere is a jovial one, and every time it makes me laugh. A particularly poignant memory is my mum being forced to show us how it’s done at the front of the class. One simple mistake and she ended up facing the rest of us- I was beside myself. Fate intervened, and a routine or two later I did the exact same thing. *Queue mum’s giggles.*

There is no better way to start a Saturday than three hours of Zumba and I fear I’ll never enjoy a Saturday morning again. Everyone was excited, lively and ready to participate in new routines and show their Zumba instructor they aren’t as hopeless as it may seem sometimes (that was my plan, anyway). It was amazingly tiring and considering it’s a brilliant workout for one hour on and off, it’s safe to say I was feeling it after three.

From previous research, I think Zumba classes are pretty accessible and I’d definitely recommend that anyone should try out a Zumba class if they’re looking for a new weekly workout or simply a place to forget about everything else. If the world of Zumba welcomes me (not the most elegant of dancers), it welcomes anyone.

~ Kat ~


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