In the Spring of Things | The 52 Lists Project

For my birthday I received a brilliantly thoughtful gift from my friend, Alissa: The 52 Lists Project. Being a lover of lists and mindful books alike, I was thrilled. And what’s more, it’s the most beautifully put together book of happiness. With a prompt at the top the page, you are to write a list about this particular idea. A few weeks ago, I filled in the list about the ways you can cleanse your life for spring. As we are well and truly in Spring now – having even experienced some b-e-a-utiful weather – I wanted to talk about this list today and, by default, this awesome book that I think everyone should have- it makes the perfect gift.


A few of the things I wrote down included:

  • Get back into smoothies
  • Keep my room tidy
  • Print photographs
  • Run a 13 mile run every week
  • Go to the beach

I fill in the required list for each week on a Sunday evening, an evening of the week that’s pretty synonymous for feeling mindful- for me, anyway. This particular list made me feel super excited for the happy season of spring, what it stands for and how I can make my spring as spring-cleaned as possible. I plan to make sure I’ve completed this list by the time the first summer day rolls about. I’m hoping I’ll create or re-create habits I once had (like frequently drinking smoothies) that will stay with me for ever.

Reaching spring and choosing to celebrate its meaning (I can’t say I ever have deeply thought about spring-cleaning my life before) is a bit like the notion of the New Year and creating resolutions. Realistically you shouldn’t wait until the first day of the year or the season of spring to make positive changes. In practice, it’s nice to have a metaphorical reminder of the concept of change, bettering ourselves and tackling things we always say we will tackle. My list was very inspired by exam season. I thought about the ways I could “cleanse” my life that would, by extension, inspire a better approach to revision. So far, the parts of the list I’ve completed/am completing have really helped.

The things I’ve really noticed have an impact on my work ethic are: drinking lots, walking lots and getting into bed before half ten. It’s impressive how accurate the information our parents give us as children is: drink lots of water, exercise frequently and get an early night, and you will feel good. Not for the first time on the blog, I am saying: mother knows best.

From writing about places I want to go to listing the ways I get energised, it’s the perfect book for someone like me. I feel like each list is naturally adapted to reflect whose book it is, in turn becoming a perfect book for any person. Every list seems to reflect the things I love: travel; fitness; food; reading. For someone else, it would mould to become their perfect companion. I am pretty much this book’s biggest advocate and highly, highly recommend it.

Happy Easter! ❤

~ Kat ~

P.S. Thank you Lissa 🙂


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