Where to Find Fitspiration Online | Instagram

There are a million and one reasons why the internet sucks, but these are definitely contradicted by a million and two reasons why it’s awesome. After a few taps, finished with an enter button, we have information presented to us in abundance. We can educate ourselves about politics, history and breaking news after a second or so of entering some keywords. It is through the internet I have become somewhat in the know with regards to health and fitness. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite health and/or fitness personalities that I am inspired by daily when I scroll through Instagram.


  • Carly Rowena – I get so excited about anything Carly Rowena- she’s the first person I go to for HIIT videos on YouTube and general health and fitness advice too. (Basically, she’s also one of my favourite and go-to YouTubers.) However I included her in my Instagram post because she has such a healthy, honest and varied feed. I love following balanced fitness and health accounts and Carly’s is so necessary and helpful because it depicts a realistic and yet completely motivational message.
  • Progress Pure – Molly is one of my absolute favourites in terms of YouTube, her blog and her snapchat as well (I love following the food she eats throughout her day- and she makes me chuckle, a lot). Her instagram is just super inspiring and it’s awesome to see someone my age kicking butt. She is super honest about her whole journey which helps discourage “falling off the bandwagon” as a taboo subject in the health and fitness industry.
  • Clean Eating Alice – Alice’s content is so realistic to me because her diet is pretty similar to mine and also what I aspire for mine to be like (although naturally every body and therefore diet should be different). She eats healthy cooked breakfasts and showcases awesome workouts. I aim to buy her book as soon as possible because it looks like a great reflection and expansion of her online persona and beliefs.
  • The Body Coach – Another fitness personality I follow religiously is Joe Wicks. He makes me seriously pumped to get better and better. His popular Instagram recipe videos make my laugh and my belly rumbles every single time I see one. My family and I are massive fans of his cookbooks; he’s a super helpful resource for anyone wanting to be fitter and healthier.

Being Instagram’s number one fan as it is, my favourite health and fitness accounts make the app even better. I think Instagram could and does do some amazing things for the health of the general public. Of course, it can be dangerous too. However my favourite accounts promote super healthy mantras. Even following one account and scrolling past one healthy meal each day inspires a bit of momentum, so I highly encourage Instagram-users to follow accounts such as these in order feel motivated! I will soon be posting about health and fitness YouTubers and bloggers that are accidentally my health and fitness cheerleaders.

~ Kat ~


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