The Monthly Scrapbook | April

April has kind of been a non-event for me. I’m not a fan of not having plans and not being busy (jeez, what a socialite) but because of revision, the fun has been limited. Boo. The days of fun I have had (work-life balance and all) have been particularly noteworthy, though. I don’t mean to sound like a proper adult but: April’s over?! Where IS this year going?!

Varsity.jpgSarah's.jpgGolfVarsity – Like many universities, Cardiff takes part in a Varsity, where their sports teams go head to head with another university’s sports teams. Cardiff take on Swansea and because of money – or lack of it – in my first and second year, I promised I’d finally go to the all-day event in third year. It was a hot early April day which meant sun cream was purchased and even so, burns were formed. We spent most of the day outside before heading to the main events in the evening: the women’s and men’s rugby. After the rules being explained to me (repeatedly) I now consider myself somewhat of an amateur fan. Cardiff grabbed the title and we headed out for dinner at Bella Italia to celebrate… being spectacular spectators.

A best friend’s 21st – One of my favourite people, Sarah, celebrated her 21st last week. With a marquee in the garden, her own bar (manned by her dad and his friend) and a fancy spread, it was the perfect way to forget about revision and essays.

Pitch and Putt – On our day off during the week, Aaron and I headed to Southsea and the local pitch and putt. I swore I would have at least a few hours with no mention of the R word. We did a similar thing last year and I enjoyed it even more than expected. Although I get a bit distracted half way through (this time it was by the Tenth Hole- the cafe with its famous giant, yummy cakes), I really enjoy pitch and putt. We finished the afternoon with sweet potato fries and a slice of strawberry and white chocolate pie.

I must also mention Zumbathon as a highlight of this month. I spoke about it more HERE! My mum and I headed down to a local hall to Zumba away for three hours. Exhausting but awesome. Also, a few days ago my mum and I got another one of her 50 challenges ticked with a lovely pamper evening full of whoopie-pie-making, nail-painting and 13-Going-on-30-watching! Mum wrote a little bit about it on her blog.

With 13 official days left of university everything is getting a bit more real. Hopefully I get through May without caving into my desire to pack a bag and fly to somewhere hot with sangria. There’s still time, though.

~ Kat ~


3 thoughts on “The Monthly Scrapbook | April

  1. Mackenzie says:

    I LOVE reading your blog for many reasons- but one in particular is the new cultural information I learn every post! I have never heard of pitch and putt- it sounds like a blast!! And ohhhh man, a Zumbathon *heart eyes*! That sounds like a blast. WHAT ! Your mom has a blog- I’m totally following her now. It sounds like your April was a good one with tons of great family and friend time!

    Liked by 1 person

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