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Over the last few months it has really started to dawn on me how much of a carnivore I am. I have been aware of my probably-too-high red meat consumption over the last year, and coupled with the realisation that at least 2 meals revolve around meat, I have realised something needs to change. For my health (I believe meat is good for many of us, but I do think I need to moderate a little more) and environmental reasons I have decided to try out cutting down on my meat consumption.


To get this into perspective, I thought I’d talk about my current average week. It involves a lot of chicken- health-wise, I haven’t got a problem with that. It would then probably include at least one meal with beef mince, a meal involving chorizo, maybe a pork sausage breakfast and some bacon here and there. I’ll have a couple of tuna pastas a week, but despite the fact I adore fish, I never eat it as much as I’d love to. Although the ways I eat the meat are always generally fresh and healthy, I need to switch it up.

In lowering my meat consumption, I intend to up my fish intake. I love fish and on top of that, it’s exam month- I need the stuff to help my brain chug along. I’m not going to exactly measure this (this can’t be a strict thing or I’ll eat a whole chorizo in one day) but I want to have a maximum of one meat-involving meal every day. I aim for a lot of days to involve switching this maximum of one to some kind of fish. I want to have a maximum of two fish meals or one meat and one fish meal- at least one meal a day has to be meat-less. If not two. If not three.

Admin done, I want to outline some changes I want to make:

  • Eat a maximum of one red-meat containing meal a week
  • (For this month at least) swap pork sausages for chicken or turkey sausages
  • Eat turkey rashers, not bacon (I’ve really gone off the stuff!)

I’m massively into incorporating vegan and vegetarian dishes into my diet- even if it hasn’t recently seemed like it. I’m hoping this little test will mean I get back into my summery favourites: big, fulfilling salads, Buddha bowls and quinoa-inspired dishes (of course, this is not all that veganism/vegetarianism is about- just a few of my favourites). I had a super interesting chat with my hairdresser about her turning vegan and I adored having two different perspectives on eating being discussed with no agenda. I love learning about alternative ways of eating and I want to incorporate more and more “different” (in comparison to mainstream meat-eater lifestyles) into my every day.

This lifestyle adventure began yesterday and I’m excited to see where my head and body are at in a month’s time. I will be recording my every day menu in my journal. Yesterday got off to a flying start. Although the picture says I had chicken sausages (meal planning doesn’t always work!) I ate no meat, which although isn’t a notable achievement, it’s a baby step in the direction of not relying on and falling back onto meat. I am posting every day in May as well so this month of change could lead to me sat quietly in the corner, stressed, and eating 5 steaks on one fork. (It won’t.) (Hopefully.)

~ Kat ~



6 thoughts on “Meat and Me | BEDIM

  1. rookieexperiences says:

    Good luck with your new lifestyle change! I’ve been going the same way recently, two of my housemates this year make great meals w/o meat and for some reason I don’t find I miss it as much as I thought either!

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  2. Mackenzie says:

    Oooooo I am SO eager to hear about this change and transition! I think you will love it! I went from vegan to vegetarian to pescatarian and am super happy staying right there. It’s all about balance, right?! Everyone has different cravings too- I don’t crave meat, but I can’t live without fish. Keep us informed!!!

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