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I am a total self-confessed bookworm. My to be read pile is the size of me and my favourite hobby is adding to it. Due to university, this last year I haven’t proved my love of books but I’ve stuck to my motto: always read a book, no matter what. Being a book fan, I of course adore bookshops. Waterstones is my second home and nothing makes me happier than going into the shop that brings out my inner Belle with the intention to spend my pennies on any book that takes my fancy. The thought of bookshops not existing makes me beyond sad. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up a book in your local bookshop once a month or so or once every three books purchased.

IMG_1522Of course Amazon and sites alike are helpful when buying books is your favourite way to spend money- I can’t ever say I think there will be a day when I don’t order books from there. Being economical with money is naturally important. But I do believe I owe something to the places that bring me happiness when I’m not so cheery, make me feel at ease when I’m stressed and provide me with something to do when I’m bored. And so I propose an idea: About once every two months I will buy a book from a bookshop. It’s a simple request but if I want bookshops to survive while other means of reading and buying books increase, it’s a necessary one.

A world without a place where you can breathe in millions of characters’ thoughts isn’t a world I want to live in. Bookshops are for getting lost and happily confused. They are for feeling enchanted by the many stories you might get lost in. They are for feeling at home when far away from home. Bookshops are my number one supporter of my adoration of books. It teases and I touch like a kid in a sweet shop. (Or…. me in a sweet shop.) When visiting little towns for the day, I adore stumbling across the little bookshops- the super authentic ones. It’s these precious shops that enhance the need for us to keep buying books. Shopping online is great and all, but it doesn’t showcase the diverse range of characters, stories and perspectives like the shelves upon shelves that welcome you with a hug.

Of course bookshops sell books at full price most of the time. I thought I could set some guidelines for books that maybe should be bought in a bookshop:

  • My favourite authors’ books
  • Those a bookshop introduce to me
  • The next book in a series (there’s no better feeling than excited feet guiding you to a bookshop on the date the next instalment is released)
  • Those I pick out for a gift

Waterstones is the place that inspired my love of reading. My young, bright eyes adored seeing all of the stories I wanted to read in one place; my eager hands loved picking one out with my mum and brother. Along with my mum, bookshops are one of the main reasons I love books today. Bookshops are our bookish cheerleaders and if they support us, we should support them.

~ Kat ~

P.S. I am blogging every day this month and yesterday I wrote about how to plan for a city break how to plan for a city break


8 thoughts on “No Bookshops Left Behind | BEDIM

  1. PositivelyUnbroken says:

    “A world without a place where you can breathe in millions of characters’ thoughts isn’t a world I want to live in. Bookshops are for getting lost and happily confused.” This line is my favorite! Growing up, I spent a great deal of time in the bookshop in town. It was narrow and cramped, crowded with towering bookshelves. Oh, how I loved the smell and the faint haze of book-dust. That place was packed with words and thoughts and characters, so unlike the big box bookstores of today. Thank you for providing an occasion to remember! 🙂

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