5 Tips for Healthy Skin | BEDIM

A few months ago at work, after a customer took her bag of goodies, she said, “You have amazing skin.” I was pretty taken aback. I’ve never had any major issues with my skin and have, in general, been pretty happy with it. But I’ve never thought of it as “amazing.” Choosing not to be oh-so-British about it, I welcomed the compliment with open arms. I personally don’t have any skin conditions so I am very aware I am lucky. When I do follow the rules, I generally get a thumbs up back from my skin. I’m not dermatologist – in fact, historically, I’ve been terrible at looking after my skin- but here are a few things that recently maybe made my skin a little bit more smiley.

hai-there1. SLEEP. One thing I have developed in the last year is a good, responsible and adult-like (look at me, all grown up) sleep routine. I rarely can complain I’ve not had enough sleep and I wonder if this is one reason that I’ve felt particularly good about my skin in the last year. Logically, it makes sense that enough sleep = happier skin.

2. SKINCARE ROUTINE. Duh. Another thing I have developed that I never cared about before is a skincare routine. After years of ignoring my mother and her insistence to cleanse and whatever else, I was given products and proved myself that they really do something! The process has actually made me very precious of my skincare routine and I despise slipping out of it.

3. WATER. I don’t think I drink as much as required (working on that!) but I’m always drinking water- whether that be water or a green tea of some sort. Water is one of the world’s top tips I definitely feel. I feel more awake, fresh and healthy when I’m glugging plenty and, by extension, needing the toilet plenty.

4. A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. When I am eating well, my face lets me know. When I’m not, my face lets me know. The picture above isn’t the best example of the former since I’m holding a beer. When I choose to drink beer or wine, eat a sugary dessert or fish and chips (as I did last night!) my skin will tell me off. However, as it is all in moderation, I’ll get over the spot that appears the next day. I feel most happy within myself, though, when I’m eating well and my body congratulates me accordingly.

5. CLEANSE. Related to #2, I now cleanse religiously. I’ve noticed improvements ever since. I love the feeling of cleansing after I’ve exercised and will never wear make up on my skin without taking it off and cleansing to say “sorry skin!” Naturally taking out dirt that gets clogged in our pores is going to do some good, and I’ve definitely seen that.

Of course, none of this is groundbreaking stuff and I have no evidence to prove this is why the lovely lady made her lovely comment. However, after doing all of these things in the last year, I’ve had an even better relationship with my skin. It’s definitely not perfect, but it does its job. It just shows how taking on board the obvious after neglecting it can really help! One issue I do have with my skin is that it is pretty oily and occasionally dry (my skin loves a good contradiction). Although I’ve not seen great differences, I think doing the above has been mildly helpful.

~ Kat ~

P.S. I have been blogging every day this month, and you can see my last post HERE!


2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Healthy Skin | BEDIM

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Yep, yep, yep! These are such good tips! It’s all about going back to basics- when I don’t get enough sleep, my diets off, or go too long without washing my face after a workout it shows!!! It’s important to realize it’s all about taking those small steps to glowing skin. yours is radiant! I was not quite so blessed, but I do the best I can- and these tips are wonderful ! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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