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Being a tea lover, I am of course a number one fan of Twinings. Today I wanted to outline my favourite Twinings green tea (it was going to be a post about green tea in general but I realised I rely heavily on Twinings in this area) because I figured the world is lacking tea-drinking guides and I knew I could be of service. You really are welcome. Once again, it appears blogging every day has lead me to chatting about tea. Since I am nurturing a mug of salted caramel green tea, I thought I’d kick off this groundbreaking blog post off by talking about just that.


SALTED CARAMEL GREEN TEA is where it is at. Twinings really pulled it out of the (tea)bag with this one. It is warming and delightful and does the best job of teasing the old senses. It’s an indulgent tea, if you will. And while it tastes so fudge-y and sweet, it’s doing its best to aid a healthy lifestyle and releasing its famous antioxidants. I am a bit of a slob, I have to admit. I leave in the teabag and refill with hot water when I am done for a few more glorious experiences. *Gasps.* Despite this skanky recycling, I am nearly out of this favourite and will be stocking up for for ever asap.


LEMON GREEN TEA is a staple in my life. I feel insecure, unprepared and at a complete loss without it. Honestly, any lemon green tea is fine for me- I normally go for supermarket’s own and it does the job splendidly (sorry Twinings!). However the poingnat reminder of lemon to this green tea is astounding. Although I adore any old lemon green tea teabag, it is like upgrading from you average Joe chocolate cake to a three-tiered chococlate cake with white chocolate flakes for decoration and salted caramel butter cream. For me, Twinings’ delicate version is best drunk when the teabag taken out after 2-3 minutes.


MANGO AND LYCHEE GREEN TEA is probably my absolute favourite green tea (ever). Twinings allow me to feel fresh, healthy and prepared at any time of the day with this favourite. I do tend to leave the teabag in, once again, to optimise refills. It tingles and dances on the tongue and is my go-to when I want to feel at my healthiest.

Green tea supposedly has a handful of brilliant health benefits and when Twinings makes it this good, it’s easy to believe in them. I get a lot of my water intake from drinking these green teas and it’s a good substitue for when water gets a bit… watery. My salted caramel green tea has come to an end but I am off to refill and let it do its magic, allowing me to feel hopeful about reivion again. Its healing powers really are endless.

~ Kat ~

P.S. YESTERDAY’S POST is all about healthy skin ❤


6 thoughts on “My Three Favourites | Twinings Green Tea | BEDIM


    I love twinings green teas too! My fav when I’m studying is the green mint. It is refreshing & just enough caffeine to be drinking during the day :)) that fruity lychee one sounds good too – I’ll have to try it!

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  2. Jenn Willis says:

    Now I must try this Salted Caramel Tea! Unfortunately, we do not have a Twinings store anywhere close to where I live. I visited one in Epcot at Disney World and found my favorite, Prince of Wales. I will be placing an order on Amazon for this Salted Caramel one. ☺️

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