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With the end of university coming about, I’m looking to entering the Cardiff Half Marathon again. The thought of not having a reason to be in Cardiff post-graduation makes me feel a bit weird. Since it was one of my absolute favourite races (probably joint first with Great South), even remembering the course makes me giddy with excitement. I am running a 10k run with my mum in a couple of weeks and I’m super excited. What with it being a pretty important year at university I didn’t get round to taking part in any events and I plan on racking up plenty in the near future. Here are a few lovely feelings I experience every single time I’m part of an event that might encourage you to sign up for an event!


The support from everyone is enough for even those who detest the word “running” to fall in love a little bit. At the beginning of an event I feel like a superhero (always too cocky too soon) and by the end, when I’m thinking thoughts that resemble, “I can’t go on; running is the worst sport,” the crowd’s and runners’ support are like a new being battery popped into my system (and then the attempt at looking like a Baywatch runner – realistically just a pale and red, sweaty mess – comes back). Although spectators are brilliant, it’s the runners all around that give me The Running Butterflies. It’s hard not to feel besotted with the community when everyone eggs each other on even if we are all there for selfish reasons (other than any charities being run for of course): to feel good.

Realising you can do it has to be one of the best parts of a race. It might go but it’ll come back and when it’s gone you’ll remember the times when you believed that you really will cross the finish line (and won’t really say “nah you’re all right” and head off to the pub you pass). Running events really are all about the day- how you feel, what your body will let you do. I think it’s silly to push yourself when your body is really begging you to stop, but the moments where your body definitely lets you know (your mind, your body or all of you) you can reach the finish line are glorious. I feel like flying (even if I’m dragging my feet and feeling fatigued).

The natural high after finishing a race is my absolute happy place. One race alone brings a million running tales to tell (like when I tripped over onto a man one time). Every time I’m so pumped that I have to stick around to watch a whole bunch of other runners, clapping and cheering them on. When I see those with medals and red, happy faces while I’m running, it pushes me right to the finish line. I have rarely finished an event thinking that I didn’t want to go and do it again already (well, maybe the day after) because I’m so excitable.

Despite the struggles that come with race days, for me, the pros outweigh the cons every single time. Running is a very personal sport, and yet almost every second of a race feels surrounded by like-minded people. For me, event days are filled with adrenaline from start to finish and it’s a feeling I can’t imagine living without. I can’t wait to get back to it!

~ Kat ~

P.S. My last post in this series can be found HERE; I am also blogging every day this month and yesterday’s post can be seen HERE!


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