The “Things I Wish I Knew About Paris” List | BEDIM

A few months ago I went to Paris to celebrate my 21st birthday. A birthday celebration in the most beautiful city on earth; it was as perfect as it sounds. As much as I adored my trip there were things I learnt I should have considered before or while on the trip. Hindsight is a brilliant thing, and in acknowledging it, future city breaks should have a helping hand in the organisation process! Here a few things I wish I knew about Paris when planning our adventure or wish I did when in Paris.


I wish…

  • … I tried more macaroons- I loved them far more than I thought I would and had I started testing out all of the amazing flavours earlier, I could have Paul Hollywood-assessed more.
  • … I ordered steak tartare. I suspected I would like it but I really fancied a steak (I have an addiction to medium rare steak). After trying Aaron’s tartare, the regrets flooded over me.
  • … I popped into patisseries more often and tested out all of their famous pastries. Buying a baguette or a pastry was Aaron’s and my favourite part of the trip- meaning we made up for a lot of lost time on the last day, buying three baguettes and a selection of pastries! Oops? (No regrets this time.)
  • … We thought about transport prior to the trip. We would have saved a lot of money had we realised we could have gotten a week’s pass a bit earlier!
  • … We ran every single morning we woke up in the city of beautiful balconies. We ran on the very last day and it was the absolute best way to wake up and explore at the very same time.
  • … We learnt more about French wine. Aaron and I are suckers for a glass of wine with a meal and we should have learnt a bit more about France’s wine culture while we were there.
  • … We saw Moulin Rouge! We simply didn’t consider it beforehand.
  • … I learnt more about the general history of Paris. We picked up on quite a lot and adored understanding the historic value and importance of many parts of the city, but I wish I did more reading up prior to our trip and focused our days a little bit more on understanding why Paris is… so Paris.

Despite all of this, I had an amazing time in Paris, falling in love with it a little more with every blink. I cannot wait to go back and rectify all of the above! A couple of months ago I wrote a list about the things I wish I knew before my trip to Dublin, and with these lists combined, it should make for a very fulfilling and happy trip to Rome next month!

~ Kat ~

P.S. I have been blogging every day and yesterday’s post was about my three favourite childhood books!


3 thoughts on “The “Things I Wish I Knew About Paris” List | BEDIM

  1. thesweatergiraffe says:

    Ha ha, what an awesome idea for a list! I’m living in Versailles currently but even I feel like I’ve been missing out on a couple of things you’ve mentioned… Pastries especially! You can never have enough!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Isn’t is so crazy how AFTER something happens we tend to learn even more about it? I know whenever I go on trips I’ll return and people will say “Did you do this?!”…. BUT I would say it looks like you have your next trip planned fairly well 😉 And steak tartare?! I didn’t even know that existed! It sounds divine (and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even eat meat!). And of course- those pastries- what . a . dream.! XO


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