The Mini Cardiff City Guide | Part One | BEDIM

My official Cardiff university experience ended yesterday. Although I have a few more adventures planned, I sat my last ever exam in Cardiff yesterday afternoon. Wales greeted us with a soggy hug as we walked out of the examination hall and into a lot of puddles. It only made us laugh; it seemed like the most appropriate goodbye Cardiff could give us. Rainy Wales and all. Although I don’t know everything about the wonderful city, living in Cardiff has taught my a few things about where to go and what to see in Wales’ capital city. (See below.)



The parks are almost famous. My favourites are (I might have mentioned them a few times!) Bute and Roath Park, entirely different parks but equally as lovely. That I won’t be around the corner from them breaks my heart. Bute Parks is big, welcoming and always buzzing. Roath Park is quaint and yet outstanding; Cardiff’s stunning gem. I have some brilliant memories in both of the parks, and an awful lots of runs took place in them.

Cardiff Bay is Cardiff’s showpiece and only a short train journey from the centre or a fulfilling walk! With restaurants and bars inviting everybody to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere – rain or shine – it’s hard not to want to spend at least a few hours there. During the day it’s a perfect past time, if not only to have a wander and dip in and out of the little shops- definitely visit Fabulous Welshcakes to pick up a pack or five of their absolutely fabulous homemade delights! At nighttime, the Bay lights up whether it’s busy or quiet. It’s the perfect backdrop for a drink with a friend.

The shopping opportunities are endless in Cardiff City. Now with a new huge Lush I have not tested out yet (I shall be picking myself up a celebratory bath bomb on Tuesday) and every shop needed to satisfy any shopaholics’ needs, it’s easy to window shop or drop some serious dollar on a Saturday afternoon. And of course it’s accompanied by a range of restaurants to comfort your accidental splurge in Topshop (just me?).


Cardiff’s Half Marathon is one I will never forget. I intend on signing up for this year’s run as soon as possible. The route is incredible; runners pass so many places that create the heart you feel in Cardiff. The buzz is incredible and, because of the intense hills, I felt just a bit proud when I crossed the finish line. A day I’ll never forget.

Parkrun in Cardiff is AWESOME. It’s held in Bute Park and in comparison to my home’s Parkrun, it is a massive Saturday morning running party. When visiting Cardiff for a few days, a run in Bute Park would definitely suffice. However, the Parkrun really is fabulous. There are runners EVERYWHERE egging you on, just for a morning jog or a far from pressured shot at a personal best.

Fresh fruit is dotted about in Cardiff city. And it’s delicious. I definitely didn’t take advantage of the stalls that sell strawberries for a pound and whatever else. When I have had a little look and picked up some fruit, it’s been delicious!


Bowling at Superbowl is how I’ve spent a fair few of my Monday nights. It’s a pound a round for students and TOO much fun. Although I am very competitive I don’t care whether I’m having a good night or a bad night at Superbowl. Cheap and cheerful always wins the race! However, do book in advance because you can be left disappointed!

Lazerquest at Superbowl is my second favourite thing. I have only been once but really want to find them time to go before my final trip to Cardiff this summer. I would play every day I could. I was against Aaron and my friend Tarryn and I had to shoot them down (with our lazer guns) and it was hilarious. And weirdly terrifying. There was a lot of screaming.

Treetop adventure golf is something I’ve done far too many times this year. Located in St David’s, there is a brilliant jungle-themed crazy golf course. I still have a free go to use up and plan on doing so next week. I cannot get bored of the quirky course and I always end up having too much fun.

Cardiff has become a favourite place of mine but I know all of the above and more mean my experiences will be fondly stored in the old noggin. I will be writing a second part to this post very soon talking about all things food and drink! I have been blogging every day this month and yesterday’s post can be read HERE!

~ Kat ~



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