A Cafe, A Cuppa and an Agenda | BEDIM

Too late into my university experience, I discovered a way in which supports my way of learning; enhancing my concentration every single time without fail. I often wonder if I over use the word “mindful” in a less traditional sense of the word, but I really think working in a cafe (for me, a specific one) makes studying ten times as effective and focused because I feel super relaxed and in a happy zone. This last year – not all that often because it could realistically become expensive – I have made my way down to Second Cup Coffee Co in Queens Street and, with my laptop and a green tea beside me, it has done wonders for my productivity.

IMG_1662It’s when I’m feeling really unmotivated by my surroundings – my bedroom or the library – when I know I need Second Cup Coffee Co to give me a push. I’ll pack up my stuff and the walk to town easily lifts a bit of stress. Sometimes I’ll have my gym clothes on to pop to the gym before (I avoid people in the cafe so as not to disturb them with my after gym scent oops!) or afterwards. I’ll order a green tea (they have lots of  yummy ones) and occasionally have the mango granola and yogurt pot because it makes me beyond happy. Already I’m far more relaxed than I am in the library (the last half of this year, the library and I have not been compatible) and far more prepared than in my room (I have to work on my bed- not ideal).

Mentally, I’m in a very happy place as soon as I enter the modern and cosy cafe with comfy chairs and funky lights. Immediately, I feel ready to work. I realised as long as I am feeling calm and at least wanting to be focused, writing essays or revising for exams seems far more approachable and doable. It’s page 1 kind of stuff but I just so happen to have learnt it in my – potentially – last year of education. Oops?

When it comes to essay-writing, a cafe supports my work ethic in that I find writing essays a really long and draining process in comparison to revision. I have been pretty organised this year (not to be modest or anything) but I have found this leaves me feeling a bit lost in last five to seven days, wondering how I can make work better and often thinking I’m fighting a losing battle. Since Second Cup Coffee Co has a relaxed environment, my panic is eased while my productivity increases. In the last two days of editing (man, I’m a changed woman since first year) I need this cafe. When I feel like I have completed an assignment, editing essays is lacklustre unless I’m somewhere that isn’t synonymous with a stress-inducing feelings. Basically, I’m like a child who needs their vegetables disguised with ketchup.

I have spent hours in this cafe and aim to always have a cafe where I can work or even write blog posts. I have the most pleasant image of writer-me spending late afternoons bashing out a classic (only more elegantly) with a green tea and a cosy cafe atmosphere. Second Cup Coffee Co is new to Cardiff and when it was being built, I knew it would be my best friend. If you’re ever in Cardiff I definitely recommend checking it out. The staff are super friendly and I’ve never had a less than brilliant experience there. Second Cup Coffee Co, thanks for assisting me in my last year of uni!

~ Kat ~

P.S. BEDIM stands for blog every day in May and you can see my last post HERE! Blogging every day also means recycling photos because someone didn’t realise how time consuming (and yet fun) this challenge would be (oopsie).


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