The Mini Cardiff City Guide | Part Two | BEDIM

A few days ago I posted a mini Cardiff city guide, and since this blog every day in May business has made me super stressed today (Past Kat, I hate you), I thought I’d write part two all about food and drink in Cardiff (with a photo, once again, of Roath Park, oops!). I’m back in Cardiff to celebrate exams with my friends, and need to be speedy about writing this. As terrible as this post will be, don’t let that affect your opinion of the places I am writing about- trust me, they’re good!



Irie Shack is where I’m heading in half an hour with my housemate, so it seems fitting. It serves affordable Caribbean food which is beyond yum. Almost every time I’ve had the halloumi skewers- they make my mouth water. But tonight I’m determined to choose differently. It has a super relaxed atmosphere with fabulous music (it has live music sometimes too!), lovely staff and delicious cocktails.

Bar 44 is where I recuperated post Cardiff Half Marathon, eating ALL of the carbs. Spanish food is probably my favourite food ever and this restaurant serves all thing delicious. We also had a brilliant (I’m running out of adjectives) bottle of red and coupled with the buzzing atmosphere that came with the day, the evening felt top dollar without being top dollar.

The parks are no stranger to being mentioned on my blog. Summer or winter they are my favourite place in Cardiff. I recommend having a picnic in Bute Park (of course, it’s phenomenal on a summer’s day) with the whole shebang- strawberries, sausage rolls and maybe even some champagne. Roath Park? Ice cream. Particularly the clotted cream with strawberries or blackcurrant. I’m salivating.


Cafe Jazz is where I have had some of my favourite evenings in Cardiff. With the most chilled and closest to La La Land atmosphere you’re going to get in Cardiff, it’s THE BEST. With live music every single night and a welcoming seating plan, I could not rave about the place enough. Before you know it, hours have passed and you’ve had the best night. I mean, Ryan Gosling isn’t there playing piano but hey ho.

Cosy Club is somewhere I’ve become acquainted with (before becoming best friends) this last year of university. As it’s name explains, it is c-o-s-y. I love it at night as well, but I do find day dates are brilliant there. After a friend and I handed in an essay we spent a couple of hours with a beer and the comfiest chairs ever and I’m gutted I didn’t try the place out earlier.

BrewDog is another place I finally tried this year. Quirky and different, BrewDog has its self-brewed beers that are DELICIOUS. I tried a really fruity one and it was amazing. Aaron and I headed to the basement where we played pool (and, for once, I won) because we dwindled away the afternoon playing Battleship, a game I did not love as much when I was younger as I do since this afternoon. They have a corned filled with games you can grab and it’s just such a brilliant idea.

Cardiff is a brilliant place for a little break, especially because of its surrounding towns and beaches. You get a bit of everything, just a short train journey away. I consider myself lucky to have studied there and know it’s somewhere I will always visit in the years to come!

~ Kat ~


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