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After a few months of built up frustration regarding everyday sexism, I exploded in a lengthy Instagram post. It’s inspired an idea which I’m excited to share very, very soon. I realised so many examples of everyday sexism are overlooked because of the lack of education about sexism and feminism. If we tackle such careless sexism, we make room for so much time to devote to global issues I can’t even comprehend at the very same time. We need to start speaking up about our experiences (ALL of us). And when we do that, we will paint a much clearer picture about what feminism stands for and what sexism IS, thereby fighting sexism and showing when people are able to say NO to sexism.

Sexism lines every society and culture in some way, shape or form. Many believe it’s disappeared; some argue it’s worse than ever. All I know is it hasn’t disappeared and the conversation about it needs to be louder. We need everyone on our side and we need to speak up every single day. We need everyone’s version of feminism to be heard, to be collected and to help us move forward. The other day my friend told me a horrifying story about a guy she said no to and all was well until she found out he had been spreading rumours. What might sound so high school, is disgustingly sexist. At first I was just stunned and disgusted and then a few days after I realised how entirely misogynist it is. My friend was stripped of her right to the truthful version of events while a guy had his (wrong) say shouted louder than hers.

If we start telling our stories, our feminism eyes will flash “ALERT” when we see or experience something we might not have twigged as “sexist” before. The young and the old need educating on what is sexist. I need educating. We all need educating. So many events I might not think are sexist, when they totally are. We need our conversation to lead to a universal understanding. We need debate and we need understanding and we need to accept mistakes and help them not happen again.

I want us to think about everyday sexism that spans across social media, jobs, schools and friendships. I want us to think about massive, massive issues that affect the world. I want us to campaign together, because we need numbers. Feminism can be considered unfashionable but man, I want it to be a force of nature. (I’m just a bit pumped about feminist today.)

Feminism Up.

~ Kat ~


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