Five Tips: Beginners |Slip on Your Running Shoes | BEDIM

In a couple of weeks my mum and I are running a Race for Life 10k and I recently watched a video by Niomi Smart where she gave five tips for beginner runners. This video is definitely one to watch for those thinking about picking up running or those who want to take it up a notch with their training but aren’t sure where they should start. I wanted to write a post for my running series (last addition can be read HERE!) to add a few more tips for beginners!


ONE. Work out what time of day suits your running. It’s often encouraged to run in the morning but not only is that not realistic or even doable for all of us, it might not be when our body likes to get sweaty. Although I think it’s possible to get your body to work with it (my body is certainly better at dealing with early morning runs than it used to be), I don’t think we – beginners especially – should feel pressured to run at any specific time of day. If it’s not immediately obvious when best suits you, try out different times (if possible) and plan runs around this preferred time of day.

TWO. Similar to number one: work out what kind of fuel your body needs. I need to run with food in my body an hour/hour and a half before I set off on my run, but I know people who can’t have anything at all to eat beforehand (in the morning). There’s no one size fits all and once we realise this, a lot of pressure is lifted from running. As Niomi Smart outlines, water beforehand is necessary and food (and water) afterwards is key in the recovery process (as is cooling down properly- or we will never slip on our trainers again!).

THREE. Have some kind of cheerleader to motivate you for when your motivation subsides a little. Whether this is a running buddy, a friend to tell your running adventures to, or a friend who also runs and you can swap stories, tips and running woes, someone to chat to is brilliant. When you’re used to having someone to boost you, the thought of giving up might just seem impossible.

FOUR. I am a big advocate (despite not taking part in one for FAR too long) of the Parkrun, the brilliant 5k free timed race. There are so many all around the UK and all ages and abilities are MORE than welcome. I am most inspired by those who turn up on a Saturday morning without a lot of history with running and want to give it a go, or inspire their training. I love the atmosphere of the Parkrun and think it could aid a lot of beginner’s motivation and progress.

FIVE. After confidence has built and the beginner status is seeming almost very much so in the past, book in a race. Whether it’s in the near future, or in a year’s time, book in a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon. I saw someone running the London Marathon who a year before the day of the big race, had only ever run 5k! A date in the future that requires training is an amazing way to feel pumped and willing to carry on.

Definitely leave any tips you have below! I am currently getting back into long distance training after a couple of months of lots but little runs during revision period. So I’ll probably write some tips for that very topic in a few weeks once I’m truly back into the swing of things!

~ Kat ~

P.S. BEDIM stands for blog every day in May and you can read yesterday’s post HERE! ❤


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