An Oh-So-British Day | BEDIM

Yesterday my mum and I headed to London to complete two of her challenges. For her 50th birthday I made her a book of 50 challenges she had to complete before she was 51. With a few weeks left, we popped on the coach to eat afternoon tea and watch a theatre show. The day was bright and happy outside of the coach window, but England did England and let loose a few showers on us. The first two photos are misleading (the second because we didn’t go into Jimmy Choo). A challenge was for me to take her to the Ritz to have an afternoon tea. However my brother gifted my mum and I with a voucher to the Cookery School in London. We chose to make an afternoon tea to make up for my ambitious plan.

IMG_1688IMG_1692IMG_1693IMG_1696IMG_1697IMG_1698IMG_1704.JPGIMG_1708When we arrived in London we decided to walk in the direction of Little Portlands Street where our baking lesson was to be held. We popped into the Slug and Lettuce for lunch where I had a halloumi and avocado ciabatta (so yum) and sweet potato fries and mum had a chicken Caesar salad. It was the perfect hideaway from the rain before we headed out into it, hoods up, to do a tiny bit of window shopping (only, from the inside) before we arrived at the Cookery School.

The Cookery School was a unique experience (a photo of our finished product will be seen on my mum’s blog at some time today: 50 Ticks). After being told off for my presentation style, it’s safe to say I’m not cut out to be on the Bake Off under Paul Hollywood’s glare. Our teacher, however, was brilliant – albeit, particular! There were 6 other people who were there too. We all had specific jobs. My mum and I helped shape the brioche, line the lemon curd tart tins with the pastry, make up the Scotch eggs (flatten chicken mince with herbs, wrap around a quail egg, pop in flour, egg and then crumbs!) and prepare the sandwiches. It was amazing to see how intricate the making of an afternoon tea should be and all of the tricks and tips he gave us were ones that will stick with me. We received a pack with the recipes and a Sunday in the future will see my mum and I preparing another afternoon tea! I would definitely recommend the experience for a present!

Another challenge my mum had to complete was to go to the theatre in London, avec moi! She came up with the brilliant idea of both of us picking two shows each (without telling each other), telling my brother our choices and him going on to pick up the tickets of his choice since he lives in London. It made me very excited in the run up to the show. Yesterday morning mum and I shared our choices before opening the tickets. Hers were 42nd Street and Stepping Out; mine were The Lion King and The Book of Mormon. Alas, we were presented with Stepping Out when we opened the envelope.

We headed to the Vaudeville Theatre to see the brilliant Stepping Out. It is different to any show I’ve ever seen before. It was an all dancing and dancing show where a group of ladies and one guy attended a weekly tap dance glass to let loose and forget their worries. It was so very smart for such a simple idea. We were giggling all the way through. It had a brilliant cast- Amanda Holden being the headlining act, although we believe they were all headliners. It is only in London for a few weeks and I’d definitely recommend the short and sweet show! It was a really brilliant way to spend the evening and I now need to watch the film! The final photo is a snap we took before the show started; both of us not expecting the flash to be quite so frightening!

~ Kat ~

P.S. BEDIM stands for Blog Every Day in May and you can read yesterday’s post HERE! ❤



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