Three Easy Healthy Changes | BEDIM

There are often such tiny changes we need to make to make the first big difference. A modern diet is so full of the less healthy kind of fats, processed foods and salt, salt and sugar that just a few changes could aid a lot of change. When I was looking to healthy up big time a couple of years ago, I read up on lots of the popular health products so many online personalities rave about. It’s easy to get swept up in what this person says, or that person says when what we really need to do is research. After research and a couple of years of using lots of products, here are three healthy products I naturally use as part of my lifestyle, whether I am properly on top of my health game or not.

IMG_1709.JPGCoconut oil is EVERYWHERE in the media and it’s easy to see why. Its benefits sing of heart health and there’s plenty of support to back up these claims. There are so many products to chose from that if a particular coconut oil tastes a bit weird to you, a more subtle or coconut-free taste will be available. I normally have a jar of coconut oil because I like what solid coconut oil does to food but the two above (Fry Light and Asda’s own) are brilliant too. Although I still cook with olive oil, I love the taste particular brands can give to food as well as the health benefits that are raved about.

Pink Himilayan salt/sea salt are amazing substitutes for the table salt we have in our kitchens. If I’m honest I have no idea what the difference is but since our diets are so full of salt anyway and we don’t realise just how much salt is in everyday products, I try to not season with salt if I don’t have to. If not, I’ll reach for one of these products.

Green tea is my beverage of choice. I just moved my stuff back from university and I had bags – I’m not kidding – of tea to bring back. I believe switching up a few mugs of coffee or tea a day for green tea is super beneficial. Not only will less milk be consumed, but more water will be. In turn, green tea supposedly is a massive cheerleader for a healthy diet, in that it speeds up weight loss. To me, it’s just super yummy and if the benefits are true, then that’s a bonus!

~ Kat ~

P.S. I’m blogging every day this month and you can read yesterday’s post HERE!


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