The 23rd of the 5th | Blogging Birthday | BEDIM

*Pretends to hold a Winnie-the-Pooh crop top red (yes, that should be a classification for a colour of paint) balloon with a real-life smile on face.* After being terrified to start up a blog in fear of cringing at every tap of the keyboard, today marks a whole year of releasing questionable content onto the big world wide web. It’s my own personal slice of the internet and when I think of it that way, it’s far less intimidating. Like a slice of gooey chocolate cake that sometimes crumbles; isn’t always perfect, but is most certainly yummy. My slice of the internet is just like my many favourite chocolate cakes. Comforting, warming and the perfect outlet for having a chit chat with a friend. Warning: This is not the only shifty metaphor of the post.


I have been blogging every day this month because I thought my blog turning one was worthy of a modest celebration. My blog might have spoken its first words a year ago today, but it’s probably a bit short of walking unaided (I did warn you!). With a few tumbles here and there, Binging on Beetroot is definitely ready to keep trying. While this metaphor is tiring slightly, my blogging birthday arrives at the time where I am seeking writing, editing and publishing experience. The circle of life, eh?

From writing silly stories at eleven years old that I thought would break the world as we knew it if they were ever released (but being too scared to show anybody), to committing to my slice of cake for a whole year is something I am a teeny bit smug about today. When I was younger I would feel pumped by my current story: “This is it. I’m gonna make the headlines with this.” Youngest ever author at eleven years old, the newspapers would read. And then I’d feel deflated, close the document and start afresh. Credit where credit’s due? I’ve not once stopped writing.

I wrote most of this post before waking up to today’s devastating news; I’m thinking of Manchester with most actions I carry out today. It’s difficult not to feel glum and really quite dark. After reading an abundance of messages discussing the tragedy and watching snippets on the news, I was reminded that this silly little milestone is, of course, insignificant. And all at the same time, we have to fight the terror in this world but carrying on, not succumbing to the fear and using it to come together and spread love. Although I’ve questioned this blogging anniversary this morning, I thought I’d spread some blogging love and share with you some of my favourite blogs that I’ve adored keeping up with this last year:

*Clears throat and holds up a make-believe trophy; smiling bashfully at my audience (my 15 year old teddy bear, Snowie).* Thanks for ever entertaining my silly little slice- even if only for half a second! I hope it didn’t taste too dodgy.

~ Kat ~

P.S. Sorry for using your cake as a prop mum!


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