Where to Find Fitspiration Online | YouTube | BEDIM

YouTube is one of the first places I go when I need health and fitness inspiration. There are a plethora of brilliant and free workout routines, What I Eat in a Day videos and general health and fitness advice and I can feel so pumped just after a 5 minute video. There are platforms and people that display dangerous and unhealthy advice and information, but I follow some amazing people and sources for information. Along with those I wrote about in my Instagram post (who also do YouTube), here are four YouTubers who are like my online cheerleaders in terms of health and fitness.


Niomi Smart – Niomi’s YouTube channel is the reason I incorporate a lot more variety in terms of “types” of lifestyles into my own routine. She eats a plant-based diet and it has most certainly inspired me to chuck in more than a few sprinkles of quinoa and plant-based variety. I adore her videos where she documents how she’s eaten as well as any fitness-related videos. She has quite a few examples of HIIT routines or bodyweight sessions she’ll do and they are so helpful for me when I am on holiday and wanting to get a quick workout in, in particular. As shown in the picture above, I particularly love her morning workout video!

Zanna van Dijk – Zanna has the type of personality that makes you feel pumped whilst also making health and fitness seems possible and plausible- exactly what is needed in an online personality. She has a very honest attitude and reiterates such an important value to me: Don’t feel guilty about food. Her What I Eat in a Day videos are always so varied and honest! I’m definitely looking to buy her book, Strong, as soon as possible.

Madeleine Shaw – Madeleine is the most positive, calming vibe on YouTube for me. The kind of food she shows is exactly the kind of food I love to eat. I have been wanting all of her books for so long (the absolute dream is to go on Amazon and order all of these books I keep chatting about) and I have read so many good things about them. Madeleiene is a nutritionist and  find the way she talks about food and fitness very refreshing and a brilliant supplement for motivation. Her takes on food seem so doable- one video that showcases this is her lunches to take to work video!

The Happy Pear – The Happy Pear is made up of Irish twins, Dan and Steve, who are vegan and the happiest chaps to come across on the internet. All of their recipes are short and sweet and motivate me to include vegan recipes in my lifestyle more and more whilst informing me a lot. They show how healthy eating doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive and they show just how varied and amazing a vegan diet can be! I plan on trying their creamy tomato pasta this weekend!

I have to reinforce that Carly Rowena’s YouTube channel (who I spoke about in my Instagram post) is my saviour. I adore watching her videos and think she’s a massive credit to the internet! Let me know if you have any fitness go-tos on YouTube or any other platforms below!

~ Kat ~

P.S. BEDIM is the iconic acronym for Blog Every Day in May and you can check out yesterday’s post about 13 Reasons Why and Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig HERE!


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