The “Things I Wish I Knew About Cardiff” List | BEDIM

I started writing these posts in order to talk about particular holidays or city breaks and the gifts hindsight gives me: What I should have done or what I wish I knew about such a place prior to travelling there. I have written one about Dublin and Paris and although I had a three year stretch to explore Cardiff, I believe our being acquaintances that evolved into a friendship, meant my eyes were opened to all the more mistakes I made in my exploring. And there are a few things I wish I did- and I definitely wish I became friendlier with Cardiff in my first year of uni. But as they say: hindsight is a funny thing.


I wish…

  • … I found out about the Cardiff Parkrun sooner- it’s amazing!
  • … I (similarly) signed up for the 2015 Cardiff Half Marathon
  • … I went to the fruit and veg market stalls more frequently. When I’d buy a punnet of strawberries, I’d say I should go back “next week”- oops!
  • … I tried out the rowing boats at Roath Park. I adore watching people having fun in them and think I’d make a hilarious mess of it
  • … I visited the New Theatre to see a show
  • … I tried out a Welsh lesson or two
  • … I hopped on a train to a local Welsh town more frequently
  • … I explored the lesser known parts of Cardiff more. There are a plethora of small, independent bars and restaurants dotted about where you least expect it- there are so many on my imaginary Cardiff Bucket List
  • … I had mastered the Welsh accent better. Or at least mastered Stacey’s voice from Gav and Stace

Despite this list and a rocky start to my friendship with Cardiff, the last couple of years have been well-spent in Cardiff. I think it’s a special city, and the people in it are pretty fab too. I’ve taken advantage of a lot of Cardiff and its local towns. Although there are many places I wish I tried out or found earlier, I have so many favourite places and memories that it’s hard to feel hard done by.

~ Kat ~

P.S. I  have been blogging every day this month and yesterday’s post can be read HERE!


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