How to Use the Lonely Planet Books | BEDIM

My brother introduced me to the Lonely Planet guides which have proved so useful in the planning process for our trip to Rome next month. It has also inspired me to collect one every time I travel! They are so brilliantly packed with information and advice; ideas and pictures that are making me SO excited for my visit to Rome to roll about. Through having flicked through this guide many a times now, I have worked out a kind of formulae to help get the best out of the Lonely Planet books. First? Grab a cuppa.

Romeandmug1. I began getting my planning on by thinking about what I want to get out of the trip, and equally, what I don’t. While some may go to Rome for a bit of retail therapy, that’s not my jam. And for this particular trip, we don’t have time for watching or taking part in sports. For this reason, apart from a quick scan through, I’ve avoided the two sections devoted to shopping and sports. This has allowed for more in depth reading up about food, important places, food, nighttime culture, food and shows and whatnot. In being a little economic with how I allocate my time (I’m taking this planning very seriously), I can research about the restaurants and places that really catch my eye.

2. Teeny tiny rectangular sticky notes are essential. Start by popping a sticky note onto the pages that talk of experiences and places that seem exciting to you; use relatively generously. Next time you go through, be sensible, and say bye to a few ideas until you’re left with just a few more ideas than are capable. If plans go wrong, you have back ups!

3. Take advantage of the Lonely Planet’s intricate planning and helpful features. My brother and I will be following one of the four day plans that the book sets out. We will carry it out on our first day so we can get a feel for Rome and get accustomed to our surroundings! Similarly, as my edition is a 2017 edition, I looked straight at the year in Rome section to find out what we can get up to in Rome’s June.

4. This may be particularly helpful prior to booking (if you have the book at this point) for budget booking or background information about transport and accommodation. Considering your budget and the way you intend to travel, carefully consider the book’s tips and tricks- SUPER useful!

5. A far more fun version of our lecturer’s instructions at the end of a lecture, extra reading is key. The Lonely Planet’s Rome guide is full to the brim and I’m excited to carry out its advice. However it’s not how I have been planning alone: you can read more about that HERE!

~ Kat ~

P.S. I am nearing the end of my self-inflicted silly May adventure: blogging every day. Yesterday I wrote about Cardiff (it… sucks… don’t follow that link).


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