The Monthly Scrapbook | May | BEDIM

Not only has May been defined by finishing university, but it has been fuelled by my blogging every day and decision to cut my meat consumption. It’s be an interesting and brilliant month; a very, very non-stop one too. Last month I collated my month in one post and I thought I’d continue this idea. May, you were tiring, but you were ace. And I most definitely made the most of your weather.

May Bank HolMay ResultsMay SushiMay RoseeMay Dinner.jpgMay LondonMay OsbourneMay BBQMay TarrynMay started with a bank holiday trip to the beach with Aaron, his sister, Hannah, her boyfriend, Joe and Aaron and Hannah’s dog, Bud. It was the last week or so of essay-writing and exam-preparing and one of the only big breaks I was allowing myself. It was a humid day and we walked through the trees and across the cliff tops before skimming some stones and chilling on the pebbles. A week or so later and the second picture shows a few friends and I feeling smiley in the rain because we FINISHED OUR EXAMS! We celebrated with a trip to Spoons (classic students, ey?).

I was home to work at the weekend and after a pub day with my friend Sarah on the Sunday, Honor and I (picture 3!) spent a day shopping and trying my new favourite thing: sushi! It was a Monday which meant YO! Sushi had their Blue Monday deal on- a lot of popular dishes being £2.80 each. It was beyond yummy. The next day entailed getting on a train to Cardiff to celebrate with my housemate Rose (picture 4!) and my coursemates for our last ever English social. The next morning meant heading back home (I was the visual representation of “Zzz…” on the train) to have dinner with Aaron to celebrate finishing uni. He surprised me with a trip to Tapas Barcelona (our favourite type of food) and it was DELICIOUS. The service was brilliant and the food: incredible.

The end of the month has involved getting myself into a routine at home. Applying for jobs/consistently going to Zumba EEK/working/seeing friends/not worrying about university work. Mum and I visited London, Aaron and I popped to the pub after work, had a BBQ on the beach with a friend and I had a Nando’s trip with Tarryn and we took a million selfies. What more could you ask for? After this, I must add that I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean with my brother and it was AWESOME. I have a tendency to feel sleepy in the cinema and I didn’t ONCE in this film.

A fun few days off ended with making s’mores with Aaron, Hannah and Joe before we played too many card games as the evening turned into night. The month ended as it started, I’ve completed my blog every day this month challenge and I’ve adored reducing my meat consumption. *Breathes slowly.* See you later May! 

~ Kat ~


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