Feminism Up: Issue #1

The last couple of weeks have been massively driven by this date. June 1st is the first release of a writing project I am so super excited about: Feminism Up (like “man up” but better). It is a monthly newsletter  aiming to encourage discussion about sexism and equality, and thereby the need for feminism as well as the necessity for us to define what feminism entails. The newsletter wants to collate a sea of experiences that tell of so many different experiences. If you wish to check it out, you can sign up to the newsletter HERE and follow the Instagram HERE for updates and further discussion. If you sign up to the newsletter, issue #1 should pop up in your inbox at 8pm tonight (if all goes swimmingly) providing you confirm your subscription and add Feminism Up to you address book- or, alternatively, check your junk mail!

IMG_1939I dreamed up Feminism Up on a train home from Cardiff. My friend had just told me about an experience lined with careless everyday sexism. The nature of the experience frightened me. I have always talked about everyday sexism much like many of my friends but realised none of us do even nearly enough. Maybe if we did tackle these issues (and realise how many more experiences ARE fuelled by sexism even if we don’t think so at first glance) while talking about massive, global sexists issues, we can fight sexism, altogether. I had this idea that it could be released on the first of every month and considering I wanted to write a little about feminism and the election, I knew it had to be released on June 1st. I also knew if I wanted it to be representative I was going to need so guest writers. *Enter my brilliant, talented and amazingly helpful friends.* I knew it was a big ask but I told my friends Callum and Kirstie and only went and produced fantastically thought-provoking pieces for me. I am MORE than grateful.

So, what’s #1 about? It begins with thoughts that are constantly echoed on Binging on Beetroot: why we should ALL be a feminist. My friend Cal then writes about not being a conventional “manly man” and why that doesn’t make him any less of a man. He made me laugh but more importantly, think. Kirst was a 10/10 friend and wrote me a piece a few days after I sent her a message and this article (I am hoping to have a piece a month about all things books/films/that kind of stuff) is all about why Legally Blonde is such a perfect example of a feminist film- it’s SUCH a good read. I finish the article by mentioning that thing that’s happening in the UK next week: The Election (dum dum DUUUUUM). After hearing someone say if you don’t vote May, you’re not a feminist, I had a thing or two to say.

Most of this newsletter was so very inspired by the chat my friend and I had about her experiences. I took to Instagram to have a “rant” about a few Sexist Stories I had heard in the weeks prior to the Instagram, and after a lot of my friends agreed and seemed somewhat happy to see a lot of concerns addressed, I knew a newsletter where we could shape our thoughts into words, could just do some good. Further, I am looking at editor and writer jobs, and although it is a little project that formed in the comfort of my own bedroom, I have learnt a lot about collecting other people’s and my own work to form what hopefully is an informative newsletter.

I want Feminism Up to be all-inclusive. I want to hear about everyone’s experiences; everybody’s thoughts. I most certainly want to learn from the writers who help me out; I don’t even want to agree all of the time. While the latter is definitely true, I am also having to make sure writers are aware that the newsletter is a reflection of me and to some degree, I have to vet it. But mostly, I want everyone to be free to just write. There are next to no guidelines and I want to hear about anything and everything. If you would like to write a piece for Feminism Up, please email me at feminismup@outlook.com. I would really adore it if you signed up today- I’m super excited to hear what people think!

Please let me know if you sign up- I am after any feedback!

~ Kat ~


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