Leg Day | Race for Life 2017

A sunny Saturday morning would normally entail a lovely walk to work before spending all day feeling jealous of all of the beach-goers (I work at a shop near the sea front) with their ice-creams and smiles. Today, though, I got to “Saturday,” and though you might scoff, it was up there with one of my favourite reasons to have a day off- running. Mum and I had an early start, setting off to Windsor (I only realised the day before where exactly we were going- it’s an hour or so from our home oops!) with our pink t-shirts and excitement to run a 10k in the name of Cancer Research.

Race for LifeRace for LifeeThe run took place at Windsor’s racecourse and it was an incredible route. Two laps around the BE-AU-TIFUL racecourse, surrounded by water, trees and thankfully, a warm sky- even at half nine in the morning! My mum has been injured for the last few weeks but us taking part in the run was one of her final challenges remaining (I set her 50 challenges to do as a present for her 50th birthday) and she did a very good job considering! I’ve got a pretty cool mum, even if I do say so myself.

It was amazing to see the bubbles of pink; the numbers of women who turned up on a Saturday morning for a brilliant course. There was a great sense of togetherness. Running events do this as it is; but when we are all clubbing together for a specific course? It was inspiring. Reading the signs on women’s backs (whether there is a name or two or a more general reason for running) is always particularly poignant. Mum and I haven’t managed to raise any money yet (we WILL though). If you would like to donate to us, you can check out our page here: 50 Ticks Race for Life.

On a particularly selfish note, I haven’t taken part in an organised run for a over half a year because of university. This morning has got me so so pumped to book some runs for the near future in. Someone asked me yesterday if I actually enjoy running because, although he ran a race in a super respectable time, he doesn’t enjoy it. But I do. I love the buzz and I love races. On my urgent to-do list is, book in one race. If you’re looking for a race to sign up to in the near future, definitely check out a Race for Life run near you- they really are brilliant.

~ Kat ~


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