The Yearly Sunset Tradition

Last Saturday continued a tradition Alissa and I have carried out for the last three years: sunset, cider and selfies. A Saturday after both of us finish exams for the summer, Alissa and I head down to the beach with ciders and snacks (this trip also included prosecco and Malibu- we have finished university, after all). We breathe a fair few sighs of relief, sip on summery drinks and snack while we watch the sun get sleepy before it shuts its eyes for a few hours. Our yearly evening viewing at the beach is our equivalent of the cast of High School Musical’s “What Time Is It?” After months of counting down, we unwind to the sound of waves and feel relieved that it is time to be chillin’ out. Smooth.

SunsetttttSunset meSunset selfieSunsettI am currently making my way through a brilliantly eye-opening book about hygge (more on that on the blog later), the Danish word that doesn’t perfectly translate to feeling “cosy.” As the book describes, “there is something inherently powerful and sacred about sunsets.” The colours that so fantastically and yet easily glide through the sky naturally inspire the feeling of hygge. It is probably my favourite way to feel cosy, while bowing down to the brilliance of nature. Living by the beach is my favourite thing about where I live (only a walk away from the best ice cream ever is the second best selling point), and I live for evenings like this: pebbles beneath my feet; camera in hand; a friend by my side!

A theme that made me adore Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (wait a few moments- I am making my way to an A-Level-y point here) is the power of nature. Although we rarely empathise with the protagonist, Victor, his relationship with nature is an interesting one. Many of the beautiful parts of the story are written with nature as its backdrop; the reader acknowledging the power of nature alongside Victor. It is the evenings that are accompanied by the pebbles and the sea that I feel a little – a little – like Victor. The poignant focus on the sky, the sea and the land (rather than ourselves) is something we would all benefit from; even if we aren’t planning on creating a monster any time soon.

Even though I’m still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts (as a mature student), I believe sunsets are the closest thing us muggles will get to magic. It’s pretty hard to not romanticise nature’s dance when your TV for the evening is the sky. While we don’t change the channel, the sky tells us a different story with its every change of colour. Alissa and I rounded off our night with a drink at the pub- just another hyggelig activity to end a pretty perfect evening!

~ Kat ~


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