21 Italian Adventures | When in Rome

I was endlessly lucky on my 21st birthday this year. I was beyond spoilt; part of this included the stupidly generous gift from my brother… A trip to Rome. I had the best time; exploring the beautiful capital city of Italy for two and a half days. I adore the Italian lifestyle and concluded that it is a very relaxed lifestyle; relaxed yet passionate. The Italians seem to have understood what life should be about, and I enjoyed pretending to be Italian for a few days, hoping to take this brilliant nature with me. When in Rome, I took advantage of my surroundings and took part in a few mini Italian adventures- as outlined below!


  1. A Peroni (or two) in the sun
  2. A cold Birra Moretti after a long – long – walk
  3. Eating pizza
  4. Eating pasta
  5. And eating all of the gelato
  6. Walking, what I like to call, an Italian amount of steps (a lot of steps)
  7. Travelling by foot to ensure maximum Rome absorbance
  8. Hearing Italian pop songs in between too many English-speaking pop songs
  9. Spotting city-goers who just had to be Italian (dressed well; looked super chilled and weren’t sweating like my brother and me)
  10. Falling for the charms of every Italian waiter/waitress. The Italians know how to draw you in
  11. Laughing at the restaurants competing cheerily with each other
  12. Waking up to bright blue skies every single day
  13. Adoring the many fountains that I just must have one in my garden when I’m older
  14. Becoming ever-so-slightly accustomed to the hilly-ness of the city
  15. Feeding off of the excitement that surrounds the Famous Places- you can laugh at tourism all you like but there’s something infectious that comes with it for free
  16. Indulging in an Italian sunset falling upon the famous city; lilac, peach and orange
  17. Catching the Italian language (and not having a clue what has been said- lazy Brit)
  18. Enjoying evenings beside the glistening river
  19. Becoming a massive fan of architecture because you simply can’t not be when in Rome
  20. Nearly – nearly – understanding the crazy road system (as a pedestrian; I definitely don’t understand it as a driver)
  21. Adoring Italy so much that I want to live there- it’s basically a guaranteed by-product

I might have been home for a few days now but I’m still very much, mentally, in Rome. “This time last week I was…”, I keep beginning utterances with. It’s a city that’s definitely hard to forget but I’m enjoying documenting it like an online scrapbook all the same; wishing to remember every detail possible. I still have a few more posts up my sleeve; photographs I’m excited to share and tips that may be handy. Have you been to Italy? What made you feel particularly Italian?

~ Kat ~

P.S. Rome from my Favourite Points of View


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