The Monthly Scrapbook | June

Like all the adults say, June has flown by. It was all my feet barely touched the ground and in the blink of an eye, it’s nearly July. It’s been a brilliantly busy month and I’ve decided to focus on a few awesome parts of this last month. This last month that even managed to provide the UK with a good few days of glorious sun and helped me get a little bit of a tan for my graduation next month, eeep!


The first highlight of June began on the very first day of (what turned out to be quite) the summery month. My monthly online newsletter all about feminism kickstarted the month and the 1st was a very proud day for me. Not only did I adore the mini debate it sparked, I loved having friends and even people I don’t know reading my friend’s and my words. Feminism Up (which you can subscribe to HERE!) has also meant a further excuse to meet up with my friends throughout the month, including a trip to the beach for ice cream and photographs with my good friend Tom who I rarely get to see because he lives up North!

Move out.jpg

This month faced up to the fact that university is well and truly over, and did so with two trips to clean my house and take home my stuff. The first trip started with good friends and a pub evening which felt needed after a month of not seeing my favourite coursemates. This week, however, saw the final trip up to my home for the last two years, to do one final clean and take a few pictures outside our run down house that we like to pretend is charming, but, truthfully it’s not. But if you don’t laugh about it, you cry! After half an hour of tackling bin bags that had split open, Rose, Harry (two of my housemates) and I took a few snaps, and I made them promise they’d look for a flat in Cardiff with a “Joey” room for me to stay in.

HonorJune ended with a spontaneous trip to get another ear piercing. I had vaguely wondered if I wanted a second earlobe piercing, but a message from Honor that read “I really fancy getting more ear piercings today” confirmed that, yes, I did want another one. Even though it was just about the least edgy spontaneous trip ever, we joked about the I-didn’t-wake-up-knowing-this-would-happen-today-ness all the same. The trip ended with us trying a chai latte for the first time ever and after just one sip, we knew this would be a regular thing.

With many (last week I went to the beach four times!) beach trips, hours in the pub and even the best few days in Rome, June has been pretty sunny! It’s been full of highlights and while it’s been bloomin’ great, I’m really excited to get myself one of those adult routines people talk about. Can I just grab one at the supermarket?

~ Kat ~


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