Feminism Up: Issue #2

Last month birthed the start of a new and very precious project of mine- Feminism Up; a monthly online newsletter encouraging discussion about sexism, equality and the need for feminism. More than that: the need for as many people to participate in the discussion as possible. I have had a brilliant response and many (very reasonable) debates about the whole concept. Just increasing the discussion a little bit has made me geek out. Issue #2 will be released later on today and I thought I’d couple each release with a blog post about it. If you want to sign up to the newsletter, you can do so HERE. If you want to receive issue #1 before it’s too late, sign up before 6pm (GMT)!

FU Blog

This month’s newsletter is full to the brim with guest writers and fabulous pieces I cannot wait for others to read. Laura writes a poignant piece about being a mother in the workplace, the judgement mothers unfairly receive and a couple of cases of sexual harassment she has experienced. Guest writer Tom writes about women in film and whether all-female remakes are a bit of a let down and women then, consequentially, receive the blame. Holly writes a piece that is well and truly needed: all about the notion of “slut-shaming” and why we need to tackle it head on. Tarryn writes about LGBTQ+’s relationship with stereotypes. My first piece discusses about the gender expectations at the gym – and sport, in general. The issue ends with a feminist take on Wonder Woman and all things film and feminism.

It was inspiring to be so quickly approached by guest writers at the beginning of last month; friends and even those I don’t know wanting to write something for Feminism Up. It was awesome to see so many people easily relate to the movement of feminism and share their own experiences. This issue is packed with different perspectives and interesting topics- some that aren’t too easy to speak about, even thought they should be. If you want to check out more about Feminism Up, check out the Instagram or if you’d like to write something for the newsletter, please contact me at feminismup@outlook.com. I’d be super interested to chat with you.

FU Blogg

This evening will see the release of issue #2 and, two issues in, and I feel as though I’ve learnt a lot. I dreamt up this project half way through May, knowing I wanted to release the first issue just half a month later. Setting myself deadlines as soon as university deadlines ended was an experience, but I have been enjoying it so far. Here is what I’ve learnt from compiling a monthly newsletter:

  • The photos are the hard bit- organise this way in advance to the release date!
  • Feminism is a topic so many people are switched on about and inspired by. This has meant all of my guest writers so far have been beyond trustworthy and finished with their pieces way in advance- last month I had the other two pieces all polished up before I had finished one of mine!
  • Proofread, proofread and proofread again- and then ask a friend.
  • While I want the guest writers to have as much freedom as possible, sometimes they want some instruction. So have some and then give some!
  • Sometimes I don’t agree with something a writer has written. As long as it isn’t offensive or reflects badly on me or Feminism Up, that’s all okay. Wanting everybody to talk about feminism means understanding lots of different views- which is super exciting.

If you check out the newsletter, please let me know what you think and if there is something Feminism Up really needs to hear, tell me! ❤

~ Kat ~


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