I have gushed about her and her influence on my health and fitness lifestyle before, but Carly Rowena has done another one of those good things that has made me fist pump the air and feel twice as motivated. She has released a video that features health and fitness personalities talking about why they exercise and what they love about their body. I urge you to watch the video and you can do so HERE. I think this mini campaign, if you will, works so brilliantly because of the two elements that I think shouldn’t be separated. We are talking about this thing we do for reasons that probably aren’t what we expect, and we are linking it with confidence: what we love about ourselves.


Even when I was younger and didn’t have a gym membership or running events to train for, I loved exercise. In hindsight I realise it was those cheeky endorphins painting a smile on my face. So why do I exercise? First and foremost it, it’s a part of my day that guarantees a slice of pure happiness. Mentally, I feel free; physically, I feel capable. And feeling capable is my favourite feeling that we tend to underrate. Even though it can add up to costing nothing at all. I exercise because I rarely get bored of it. If I am? I need to change it up. Variety is exercise’s best friend and I adore that while I love to run, I also love training my arms. I love to swim but I love to go to Zumba. The challenge of a new class the next day is like an everyday Christmas Eve for me, and the occasional meet up for a badminton or tennis match gives me excited butterflies. I exercise because it’s fun.

And something I like about myself? I’ve always answered, “my legs.” While I am by no means tall, they carry me everyday and are my most loyal cheerleader on my favourite days: running events. They are strong and have been the reason for some of my proudest moments. But I’m going to change it up. After years of covering them up, I finally wear all of the workout vests and all of the Topshop sleeveless tops I want to wear. My arms. Even though I don’t exercise for aesthetic reasons (I exercise for longevity and all of the reasons above), I have seen changes in my arms in the last two years. Not only this, but I’ve felt it. My arms are one thing that make me feel more than capable now- I’ve made a lot of trips this past year with a lot (a lot) of luggage. And I managed them because of the part of me I used to make myself feel terrible for.

There is no one size fits all for exercise; for falling in love with it. For realising you’re no longer exercising for the reasons you thought you were; or the goals you set out to achieve. It could take a lot of trial and error; a lot of tried and tested workout classes. But when you get there, there’s not going back. Those endorphins are too addictive and the by-products are too attractive. Carly’s project is super refreshing. Like I said, it made me feel motivated. Pumped to get in my next workout. More than that, it was brilliant to see a bunch of people united by the same cause, saying things that I completely relate to. It’s cool to be fit and it’s cool to be confident; I think the two go so fabulously hand-in-hand and Carly’s reminded us of that.

~ Kat ~

P.S. Carly recently posted a brilliant video on how to be happy, which I more than recommend you checking out!


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