Three Cities

I have been fortunate enough to go on three adventures this last year. A quick “how to” to achieve the most fulfilling escapism? 1. Pack a bag; 2. Get on a plane; 3. Explore a city. Now considering myself a full-fledged professional city-breaker, I can whole-heartedly recommend that you jump on the bandwagon and spend a few days in a city, soaking up the culture, food, famous places and not-so-famous places. Dublin; Paris; Rome. When asked, “Where is my favourite place?,” I cringe and realise I can’t say one without saying the other two. It’s like picking between children, or picking between Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Impossible. And, *drum roll per-leeease:* here’s why!

DUBLINDUBLIN. The city of four-leaf cloves, inviting accents and (most importantly) Guinness, Dublin is the most refreshing break away. Aaron and I visited to celebrate his 21st and, upon booking, I didn’t realise just how much it would tick off a hypothetical list that outlined Aaron’s Perfect 21st. The city is buzzing with history and culture; food and drink. The main attractions (The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle and Temple Bar- not an exclusive list by any means) easily explain why Dublin is a must on your Where shall I travel next? list. In need of some deserved restbite or the sky is crying? It’s easy to dip into a lovely small chain or independent business, stopping for a Hop House 13 or a coffee (an Irish one, of course). We never escaped the excitement during our three days there and we never wanted to either. Dublin’s charm is undeniable.

PARISPARIS. The city of love; the city of grand buildings and wiry balconies. The story of Paris is told in its every nook and cranny. Dainty and magnificent; two words that are not twins anywhere else other than in the capital of France. Whether you’ve visited Paris or not, we all know of its history; its magical architecture; its love of wine. Paris is “my favourite place” (alongside Dublin and Rome, of course) because its beauty plateaus whether you’re staring at the Eiffel Tower or a white sparkly building that you’ve stumbled across when lost in the city. Nowhere is prettier than any other piece of the Paris jigsaw every building contributes towards. Pretty Paris, it should be renamed.

IMG_2551ROME. The city that needs not an introduction; “Rome” is its introduction. With reminders of our favourite history lessons around every – every – corner, nowhere makes you want to restart education and become a history lecturer more. Rome is purposefully imposing and unapologetically arrogant. We dare not forgive it; it doesn’t ask for it. The city is delicately strong with its buildings requiring our love and attention. Rome offers history and culture in abundance while we tourists try to avoid the ardent desire to pop into every gelato shop we pass. It’s a happy city; an excited one with buildings that hug the country’s culture, keeping it safe from the outside.

Have you been to any of the above? What’s your favourite city break you’ve been on?

~ Kat ~


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