What’s in my Bag? | Graduation Essentials

On Monday I am graduating from Cardiff University and after finally getting my outfit sorted (I left it very, very, very unbelievably late) I am super duper excited. I can’t wait to get suited and booted with my cape (that’s what it’s called, right?) and platformed shoes. For too many photographs. For lots of giggles with my favourite people. For a couple of glasses of champagne. I’m sure I’m going to feel just as teary as the High School Musical cast at the end of the trilogy and I’m most certainly going to be singing even more. As I am sure you are all so very eagerly on the edge of your seats so here is what I will be popping in my pretty new bag on Monday morning.


  • A pouch full of make up: Eyeliner; concealer; nail varnish. I’m likely to cry, sweat and chip every bit of make up possible on Monday. And I will be prepared for each and every occasion. If my eyeliner wings aren’t on fleek for the whole day I’ll never forgive myself. I didn’t spend nearly £30,000 for shabby photos.
  • Plasters: For any of mine or my friends’ SOS moments. High heels are not my thing and I’m hoping platforms will cause me less stress. But if not, I will be the mother of the group, a box of plasters at the ready to prepare any our blisters.
  • Socks: For when my shoes might get a little too intense. The shoes will be off and the trainer socks on.
  • Brush: Because my hair never works with me.
  • Hairbands: In case of the warm day the forecast is predicting, hairbands will save the day as they always do. Never underestimate a girl and their selection of hairbands. Never.
  • Purse: For obvious reasons… Bubbles.
  • Water: So I don’t get heat exhaustion on what promises to be one of the most fun days ever.

I will be posting a whole outfit post next week (so very Zoella of me!) as well as documenting the very day itself. The celebration will begin on Sunday, chilling in a sports bar to catch every brilliant moment of the Wimbledon final (even though my Murray will not be there) with Pimm’s and excited butterflies for the following afternoon. *Goes back to bedroom to plan all of the High School Musical esque squad pictures.*

~ Kat ~

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