Simple Skincare, Happy Skin

After years of neglect, I am now such a skincare nerd. During exams my skin was angry with me being a little more relaxed about it than I had previously been this year; weirdly, it became worse immediately after my final exam. I was already planning on treating myself to some new skin products and when I saw the already affordable products by Simple were on offer while I was shopping, I popped a few bits and bobs in my basket last month. I have always been a fan of the moisturiser – hydrating but not too hydrating for my oily skin – but have rarely bought their other products.


Simple bath cream is divine. Despite adoring baths, they are a luxury I don’t seem to allow myself very often. I have, however, been testing out this when my body feels super tired- which it has done recently. It feels like bathing in warm milk (in a really great way!), smelling subtly clean and leaving my skin feeling really quite soft. After a long run, this is the product I need to calm my muscles down. Bonus: You don’t need to use much of the product at all.

Simple face wash is the cheapest necessity when it comes to face washes. Although I have sucked at being friends with my skin before this year, I have always frequently used face wash. Not only does it make me feel fresh in the morning, but it always seems to be the product that helps me out the most. This face wash is silky and smooth and never feels like a chore to use!


Simple facial wipes are a saviour. Make up wipes have never seemed to agree with me. Whether I get a shockingly cheap pack or spend a few pounds on them, my eyes hate them and become beyond irritated. Although I have tried these in the past, these are definitely my official staple make up wipe. They wipe off my eye makeup super quickly and don’t make my eyes hurt for one second. Finally. It even wipes off my waterproof eyeliner without complaining once.

It always shocks me how unbelievably affordable Simple’s products are. On offer, each product cost me £1.50. Not only do they look like they should cost more, I genuinely believe they feel like they should too. But I’m bloomin’ glad they don’t! I have been using these three products for the last month and a bit and, together, they are a dream. As much as I adore my Clarins products, Simple do the same job brilliantly.

~ Kat ~


3 thoughts on “Simple Skincare, Happy Skin

  1. Jade Mayhead says:

    I am currently using the face wash, and am really enjoying it! I don’t understand how it foams up when there is no soap in there! Its so good for my skin xo


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