One Crazy Night: Full Disclosure

On Saturday evening, my mum and I hopped on a train, choo-chooing its way to our favourite pastime (alongside eating an afternoon tea, of course): the theatre. For my 21st I was gifted with an envelope that told me I’d be going to see The Addams Family with my mum in July at the Mayflower in Southampton. After listening to Carrie Hope Fletcher’s cover of Pulled on repeat for a whole summer three years ago, it’s safe to say I spent the last few months of university, waiting, excitedly to click my fingers as the intro plays before the actors step onto stage.

IMG_3491.JPGThe musical? New to the UK, The Addams Family: The Musical Comedy brings the classic family we know and love to our local theatres, all singing and bunny-hopping. We see Wednesday Addams grown up and in love, while her family don’t want their little girl to grow up at all. And not with a normal boy. Our favourite wealthy and happily doom and gloom family present us with unbelievably catchy songs (I was singing ALL the way home on the train) and brilliant one-liners. The musical includes hilarious poppy songs as well as heartfelt ballads and, of course, many references to their love of black and darkness. In a world where our phones notify us of bad news every time we look at it, this musical is well and truly needed right now.

The cast is star-studded with Carrie Hope Fletcher (Wednesday), Samantha Womack (Morticia), Cameron Blakely (Gomez) and Les Dennis (Uncle Fester) taking some of the lead roles. But the rest of the cast are outstanding too. In terms of the Addams Family themselves, it was as if the actors were made for the role: Womack and Blakely, in particular, mirrored the image you have of the passionate couple in your head. The Beineke family (Wednesday’s boyfriend, Lucas’s family) brought a welcomed new layer to the Addams Family’s story and the ancestors were hilarious; all with incredible voices. My mum and I ate in CXO Bar and Bistro beforehand where I lamely fangirled that some of the cast were eating their dinner too. I must mention that Gavin Eden (who plays Jester Ancestor) stopped to chat to a young aspiring theatre star for about 20 minutes, answering all of his questions- it was lovely to see!

Being a gigantic fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s, this review wouldn’t be right without a little bit of a  fangirl. I couldn’t stop grinning throughout her performance of Pulled and as she finished with a high, I had tears in my eyes. Much like I did when I watched her as Eponine in Les Mis a few years ago. Like all of the actors, I laughed at and rooted for Wednesday all the way through the show. Her voice blew me away; it was wonderful to hear her sing songs so different to those in the awesome Les Mis.

I’m a sucker for soundtracks and despite knowing and loving a few songs in the Addams Family musical beforehand (thanks to clicking on related to videos after listening to Carrie’s cover of Pulled 10 x a day), I decided not to listen to every song like I normally do. However, if you’re wondering (you probably weren’t), here are my five favourite songs from the kooky musical:

  1. Pulled
  2. Crazier than You
  3. When You’re an Addams
  4. One Normal Night
  5. Happy Sad

My mum and I laughed and felt for the characters all the way through. The orchestra, props and overall choreography were spot on. My mum thoroughly enjoyed a show she admits she wouldn’t have gone to see had I not repeatedly mentioned it. I completely recommend you popping to your local theatre if you can and it’s arriving, dressed in black, there.

Ba dah dah dum *click click!*

~ Kat ~

2 thoughts on “One Crazy Night: Full Disclosure

  1. TheChattyIntrovert says:

    Wow–that sounded like a fun night. Funny how last night dad had both the Addams family movies on…it’s one of the few things he always goes back to instead of channel-surfing for other shows. Glad you had fun–almost makes me want to go but I’m not much for musicals (usually).

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