The Monthly Scrapbook | July

July kicked off (well, served off) with my favourite sporting event: Wimbledon. This meant a daily excuse to buy strawberries and cream while binge watching tennis. Yippee. Aaron started his new job which meant a celebratory meal out (white wine as we watched the sun set over the harbour- dreamy!) and the UK still (*touches wood*) is producing the loveliest weather. After graduating with my friends mid-July, the rest of the month has seen me frantically and excitedly apply for as much publishing work experience as my tired purse can hack.

IMG_2941.JPGAaron’s new job provides him with Sundays off; a luxury he hasn’t had with his previous job. To celebrate his first Sunday off, we headed to West Wittering, as we love to do when the weather warms up. We sunbathed, kicked a ball around, ate yummy food and walked a while. We ticked off a lot of things on anyone’s Summery Day Bucket (but no Spade) List. Sunkissed and sleepy, we finished the evening with a BBQ on the beach with his family, chucking around a frisbee like there was no tomorrow. Tomorrow, however, did come around which meant another Monday feeling like an oh-so-unemployed-graduate which, by extension, meant a day of emails, emails and more emails.

July Monthly.jpgThe day after graduating was a day that began with sun. Eager to not waste the lovely weather, Aaron and I headed down to the beach, kites in hand. He had always insisted that we must go kite-flying one day because he considers himself quite the pro. Even though the sun hid away, the wind was our new best friend. Aaron taught me how to fly a kite, something I had never done before. After we tired ourselves out we went to the cinema and watched Spider-man: Homecoming which we both loved.

SarahFU.jpgOn Friday I headed to the beach for a little 40 minute catch-up session with Courtney and Sarah, as well as taking photographs of Sarah for the upcoming Feminism Up issue. She has written a brilliant piece about body expectations. LOOK HOW CUTE SHE LOOKS. Sarah noted that it was exactly like one of those cheesy sayings so we made up our own: Sometimes you only need forty minutes with your best friends to leave with a pretty permanent grin.

As I post this blog post I am in Mallorca for a sunny holiday with Aaron’s family; a sure highlight of August. I have three books packed, ready to get my reading game back on. I have my running kit with me for a couple of runs. I have pennies to buy a snorkelling kit after falling in love with the activity in Malta last year. I’m excited! How is your August starting?

~ Kat ~


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